Jayme Stone new single “Awake Awake” is now available

Jayme Stone breaks new ground from folk musician and composer to experimental pop singer and producer. The songs on AWake mark a new creative start for Stone. The song serves as a preview of what’s to come from Stone’s new album.  His forthcoming LP will be available on August 28th.


AWake features Felicity Williams, Jason Burger, Daniela Gesundheit, Jason Linder, Alec Spiegelman and more.

The producers of the album are Stone and David Travers-Smith.

His solo album The Utmost won the 2008 Juno Award for Instrumental Album of the Year.

Jayme Stone statement about the new album

For years I knew I had these songs in me.  Like I had a premonition that some future me was driving backwards in time, full of songs, and at some point, we’d meet.

AWake Track List by Jayme Stone

  • Future Promise
  • Awake Awake
  • Mouth the Words
  • Wait for Heaven
  • My Woman’s a Nation
  • Brotherless
  • 75 Out
  • Earthlight
  • Oh These Hours
  • Troubled About My Soul
  • These Days

LP, AWake

AWake was recorded at Figure 8 in Brooklyn. The studio is made of reclaimed wine barrels, cork and felt and is drenched in sunlight.

The studio’s owner, Shahzad Ismaily has a rare collection of synthesizers and one of world’s few Klavins Una Corda keyboards.

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