Jordana of Earth shares new single, “Tell Me”

New Single “Tell Me” by Jordana of Earth

Jordana of Earth is a Toronto R&B Artist.  Jordana’s been writing, recording and performing for years, but hasn’t released any music until 2020.  Her latest single is “Tell Me”.  The new track is four minutes and 22 seconds.  During COVID-19, she has released seven singles.  Some tracks include “Leave the Light On”, “Motions,” “I Got” and “Glitch”. Her singles have accumulated over 85,000+ streams on Spotify.

Jordana of Earth shares new single, "Tell Me”
Check out her new single, “Tell Me”

Statement from Jordana of Earth regarding “Tell Me”

“’Tell Me’ was written from the standpoint of someone (me) who is used to the hustle — with little time for romance — but is about getting caught up with someone who they just can’t take their mind off of

It’s about a shift in focus from the things that usually occupy someone’s thoughts, and finding that all they think about now,
is this new romance.

In a way that sort of takes them by surprise, and makes them wonder if this is a good or bad thing.

Jordana of Earth shares new single, "Tell Me”
Other tracks include “Leave the Light On”, “Motions,” “I Got” and “Glitch”

Quote regarding upcoming music video “Tell Me”

The video will feature heavy red lighting and include shots of herself and a man driving around a more-or-less abandoned, almost post-apocalyptic streets of Toronto.

The exchanges, or lack thereof, between [the man and I], suggest that I’m singing to someone else entirely; distracted by this other person and paying little attention to what’s going on around me.

I created this narrative and aesthetic to mirror the real place of where the song came from.


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