Kathryn Sinopoli releases new single “Waterproof”

Kathryn Sinopoli is not your average songwriter and Canadian Artist.  She started singing when she was two years old and never stopped. In her early teen years, she started to experiment with songwriting.  Sinopoli didn’t take it seriously until her early 20s.


Finding few opportunities to grow her skills in her hometown of St. Catharines, Ontario, Kathryn joined the Nashville Songwriters Association International.

Kathryn Sinopoli releases new single “Waterproof”
Kathryn Sinopoli releases new single “Waterproof”

About the song

Derek Elliotson and Sinopoli penned “Waterproof” last August.

The ballad is about a personal relationship which didn’t work out.

Not sure where to place blame; knowing two parties are always guilty,” she adds in regards to the wilted relationship.

Not only do the heart-filled emotional instrumentals of “Waterproof” instill hope for the prosperity of a long-decaying romance in the listener, but Sinopoli’s raw, tear-jerking lyrics take it to the next level. It’s clear that the up-and-coming artist has no trouble connecting her passion — music — with her deepest, most personal feelings after hearing the emotional chorus.

She sings: “(When) I was sinking in a sea of inadequacy / I was gasping hoping you would rescue me / I could see you on the shore / Wondering what you were waiting for / I’m sorry I thought you were waterproof.”

Other songs include “Head Space”, “Clean Hands”, “Lemonade” and “Home for Christmas”

She released four singles last year, including “Head Space,” “Clean Hands,” “Lemonade,” and “Home for Christmas.”

The breakout Ontarian star landed herself on the Canadian AC Billboard Chart at #40.  On top of that, her newest single “Home for Christmas” became the #3 Most Active Indie song in Canada on the week of its initial release.

Spotify – Waterproof by Kathryn Sinopoli


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