KRONIS debuts new music and album

KRONIS debuts new single, “It’s Time For Love,” and album Against The World.

Alt Rock EDM Hybrid Toronto, ON’s musical Aaron Kronis shatters sonic norms with debut summer 2020 release ‘Against The World’

Los Angeles, California-based frontman says:

I spent three years in the studio with Parker creating Against The World. We didn’t know what the title would be, or the number of tracks, but we knew we were onto something.

KRONIS has become the final evolution of a lead singer and an extraordinary guitar player who’s into electronic sounds and manipulations of waveforms to create something new that sounds familiar.  Against The World wholly captures the constant stamina required to endure this music industry based on my life in Los Angeles, and the world today.

And there’s a lot more to come

Canadian KRONIS debuts its newest single, “It’s Time For Love,” and album Against The World.
Newest single, “It’s Time For Love,” and album Against The World.

Now listen as he embraces old and new with EDM technology and guitars into cell phones while on hoverboards and growing StaminaMusic like never before!

Check it out

Against The World – KRONIS

Stamina Records Presents The official ‘I’m Not Sorry’ Video

It’s Time For Love video

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