Linus Entertainment Acquires Borealis Records Catalog

After 25 years Borealis Records (Grit Laskin and Bill Garrett) have announced the Borealis catalogue will shift to Linus Entertainment. Linus Entertainment’s portfolio of labels includes True North Records, Stony Plain Records, The Children’s Group, and Solid Gold Records.

Linus Entertainment acquires Borealis Records Catalog

In a joint statement, Laskin and Garrett said of the transition

We have partnered with Linus Entertainment for 13 years in distribution. They have been our partners in the best sense.

Geoff Kulawick, President and CEO of Linus Entertainment, said of the transition

It has been a joy to work with Grit and Bill and their wonderful artists. Taking on the responsibility of managing the Borealis catalog, which includes many ever-green musical gems of Canadian culture and folklore was a natural fit as we know the music well, so transition for the artists and our global distribution partners will be seamless.

Laskin and Garrett continued

We have been most fortunate in being able to work with a large number of very fine artists.

Although we leave the business of running a record company behind we by no means will be leaving music.

Grit Laskin continues to craft some of the best acoustic guitars made anywhere and Bill Garrett is in demand as a producer.

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