Mattmac releases new video Break Me Down

Mattmac is a recording artist & music producer from Garden Hill First Nation, MB.  He has been blind from birth. He began to struggle with depression at a young age, and credits music for helping him cope. At 13, he started making beats and write songs. His latest music video is Breaking Me Down from his 20/20 album.  The song includes contemporary artist River Waterhen.


The song “Break Me Down” speaks about his personal struggles living in a small isolated community and how it’s easy to lose motivation. However, the pursuit of one’s dream and the early support of his Mother has been a driving factor for Mattmac and it has pushed him to have bigger aspirations.

For “Break Me Down,” the video focuses on River Waterhen as a young, Indigenous man whose life growing up on the reserve was never easy. Ultimately, he graduates high school, furthers his education, and moves to a big city — which turns out to be an adjustment all its own.

November 20, 2020 – MATTMAC releases debut album “20/20”

Mattmac’s recently released his debut album 20/20.  His premiere features poppy vocals combined with hard-hitting trap beats. The album discusses his struggles, healing, celebrating love, family and life on the rez. 20/20 includes lead single “Paradise

Mattmac discusses 20/20

My vision was to always make music based on what I was hearing. How a certain vocal is produced, how a certain synth would sound, how a specific topic was tackled, how a song is put together, it always intrigued me. I would also hear effects on vocals and be like, ”wow, I really want to learn how to do that” – these are the types of thoughts that gave me the motivation to build my skills and get creative with music. Though it was a challenge for many years, this was my driving factor.

When I started the idea of this project; I really had a clear vision for where I wanted to go with it, so the title definitely complimented that idea.


There are eight tracks on the album

  1. 20/20
  2. Think Too Much
  3. Focus
  4. Paradise
  5. Just Wanna Feel Alive
  6. Break Me Down
  7. I’m Sorry
  8. Embrace

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