Niall McNamee is an Irish singer-songwriter and actor.

Niall has been immersed in music his whole life. He finds inspiration from artists like Frank Sinatra, The Beatles, The Pogues, Christy Moore and The Undertones.

His latest EP Step By Step, showcases the musicians deep love for storytelling lyrics. Touching on life experiences and human emotions, the five-track release narrates heartbreak, nights out, ecstatic joy and reflection.

Step By Step

  1. Step by Step
  2. China in A Box
  3. Fishpond
  4. 5 Hours
  5. When She Goes

Niall McNamee discusses “Step By Step”

‘Step By Step’ is the title track of the EP. It speaks of a magical night with a love interest. The director of the stunning music video is Lee Malone.

“China In A Box” is about a loving, honest, yet fragile relationship and how these connections with a loved one should be cherished.

“Fishpond” takes a more pop route. The nostalgic tune looks back at fond memories with friends and the end of a cherished chapter of his life.

‘5 hours’ is linked to ‘Step by Step’. The same girl from the same country (Scotland)

‘When she goes’ is about late night arguments. The moments when you feel like things just aren’t going to work out no matter how hard you try.

Other notes

Film enthusiast – You may have seen McNamee in The Foreigner (2017) with Pierce Brosnan and Jackie Chan. His next role is in drama film Love Without Walls.

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