Megan Nadin releases new single Heartless Heartbreak

Megan Nadin releases new single “Heartless Heartbreak” .


Statement from Megan about “Heartless Heartbreak”

It’s a song about finding a love that makes the everyday things in life feel fun, exciting and as if you’re experiencing them for the first time all over again. At the same time, it’s a song about setting boundaries in your love life, knowing your worth and not settling for anything less.

December 10, 2020 – Interview with Megan Nadin

Today on What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I am here with Megan Nadin. Nadin is a singer-songwriter from Thunder Bay, Ontario. Her musical journey started in 2017. In September, she released EP This Was Then which includes 7 tracks. One song off the album is called The Joker. Fun fact: it was written after Nadin watched 2019 movie “Joker.”  Megan noted: “it really just highlighted the realities that many people deal with when it comes to mental health and bullying.” In our interview, we discuss musical influences, her debut EP, her latest release I’ll be Home For Christmas, and much more.

1. How did you originally become interested in music?

Growing up I was always surrounded by music and exposed to so many different artists and genres. Looking back, it definitely had a major influence on my interest in music.

2. You listed Lady Gaga, P!nk, Tom Petty, Elton John, and Eminem as a few of your musical influences. Could you name a favourite song from each artist and why?

Lady Gaga, “Born this way” – I love it, because it’s a song about embracing who you are and encouraging you to stand in the power of who exactly that is, and without apology.

P!nk, “Don’t Let Me Get Me” – It’s one of the first songs I heard from her and it really set the tone of her artistry and vibe, highlighting the fact that she was breaking the mold of what it meant to be a pop artist in the early 2000s.

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers, “American Girl” – It’s such a good song through and through…the melodies, the lyrics, the instrumental composition, how it all fits together… all of it. On top of it all, it just makes me wanna dance!

Sir Elton John, I truthfully can’t pick one. My top three are “Candle In The Wind”, “Your Song” and “Crocodile Rock” because they each bring me feelings of nostalgia, all reminding me of my childhood for different reasons.

Eminem, “Cleaning Out My Closet” – The lyrics are deep and heavy and really paint a picture of what he’s been through. The song title is also pretty brilliant. It tells you what the song is about and it plays on the fact that he’s finally “cleaning out his closet” and unveiling a lot about his past, helping any listener to better understand him and his artistry.

3. Your debut EP ‘This Was Then’ came out in September. Can you tell us about your writing process for the album?

The writing process for the songs on this album was truthfully just me working through an array of experiences, feelings and emotions that helped me to express what I was feeling and make sense of why. Writing for me, no matter what song it is, is a very therapeutic and almost meditative process. I don’t typically write lyrics down. Instead, it’s more of a freestyle process. I sit with my thoughts, press record on a voice memo, and start singing whatever I’m feeling or whatever’s on my mind.

4. You mentioned being a fan of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. If you were on the show tomorrow, what would you sing and why?

If I was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show tomorrow, I’d sing “The Joker.” This is because it’s a song that acknowledges some of the vulnerable and painful thoughts and emotions that people can experience while struggling with their mental health/illness. However, the song ends on an empowering and hopeful note. It lets the people experiencing these struggles know that they are seen, they are worthy/enough, that things can get better, and that they are not alone.

5. What sort of song would you want to create with Lady Gaga and why?

I’d love to create a song with Lady Gaga that lyrically makes people think, but musically makes them want to dance. She’s so good at that!

6. Your latest release is I’ll Be Home For Christmas. Describe what it was like producing this song with Grammy award-winning Keith Thomas.

Creating I’ll Be Home For Christmas with Mr. Keith Thomas was a blast. He’s so incredibly talented and musically he brought this classic Christmas song a whole new feeling and vibe. He can take a song that’s been played a hundred times and make it feel different. It’s all about his timing, when he decides to play each note. Anytime we create together and he’s making the track, he gets into the zone where he just plays freely and whatever comes out comes out. It’s pretty incredible to watch. When it came time to add my vocal, the track really helped paint the picture the lyrics are meant to tell, which made singing it feel magical.

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