Mike Green releases single “Always” from “Restart” Album

Mike Green releases single Always from Restart Album. Green is an American singer, songwriter, guitarist, and producer. His style has been compared to artists like Coldplay, Dave Matthews, and John Mayer. To date, Green has performed in front of musical artists including Mick Jagger, John C. Reilly, Wyclef Jean, Maroon 5, Jamie Cullum, and more.

Mike Green describes making the “Restart” album

This album is self-produced, independent, and was recorded in my garage in Los Angeles. A few parts were recorded in the south of France. Although there are a few song collaborations, most of the time my writing is a personal process. I typically demo ideas on my laptop. I usually have pre-production completed prior to recording. This album was pieced together over a period of time, due to my travel schedule, but all of the live band recordings were completed in two days. It is a very vulnerable album, exploring emotions of angst, jadedness, love, loss, and hope.

There is something for everyone on this record. I have a broad influence of styles, some of which you can hear. I am always evolving and looking for ways to incorporate the influence of my predecessors. It is also an honor to work with friends who continue to inspire me, and allow me to dream big. The title track “Restart,” as well as tracks like “Break Free,” or “Addictive,” feature horns by Rashawn Ross of the Dave Matthews Band, one of my all-time favorite bands. I am currently developing my sophomore album.

Mike Green discusses “Always” music video from “Restart” album

Always music video had a small crew comprised of cinematographer Gerry Wenner and myself. Gerry has produced videos for greats like Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, KC JoJo, Bonnie Raitt, etc., because Gerry is one of the greats. We filmed in and around my hometown in Connecticut. It was a natural decision to film there, much of the sentiment in the lyrics were based on experiences I had growing up.

The idea was to keep our approach as stripped down as the recording. Black and white to capture a timely nostalgia, contrast lighting in the performance sequence to capture the duality of the hope and sadness of the song, as well as to highlight the instrumentation. And then there’s me bumbling around in nature to capture reflectivity. I edited the film myself.

Restart by Mike Green

  1. Break Free
  2. Honey
  3. Waves
  4. Serena
  5. Wild Eyed
  6. Addictive
  7. Always
  8. No One’s Gonna Love You Like I Do
  9. Back In Love Again
  10. Better Together
  11. Restart
  12. How To Love

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