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Mister K (Kevin Roy Kratsch) is a folk-pop musician from Lorette West, MB. Mister K is the moniker he chose for this project to pay homage to his past as a school teacher, and to reconnect with his last name, Kratsch. For years, he performed as Kevin Roy (middle name).


Today, Mister K releases his debut album, ‘In Event of Moon‘.   

To celebrate, Mister K has recorded a live, acoustic rendition of the “Tamarack” from the comfort of his own backyard in the region of Lorette West. “Tamarack” features the aspiring musician’s wife Avery on backup vocals and guitar — and their adorable bulldog Luna, for emotional support.

In Event of Moon Disaster

The album contains nine-tracks that includes ‘Tamarack’ and ‘Darker Days’. 

  1. Lonely One
  2. Hundreds Of Dollars
  3. Darker Days
  4. Nigh Nigh Land (Luna’s Lullaby)
  5. Harmony
  6. Tamarack
  7. Game Of Hearts
  8. Darkness Of Night
  9. Mister K

Mister K discusses In Event of Moon Disaster

I knew I wanted to make an album steeped in poignant and vulnerable themes, but I wanted it to also have some pop and sparkle.

I decided to work with Rusty Matyas (Weakerthans, Imaginary Cities, etc.). In my first correspondence, I sent him the song “Darker Days”, a song about struggling with inner demons. The day I sent the song his way, Rusty was also on his way to detox from years of alcoholism.

Rusty expressed the healing this song had brought to him and that when he was on the other end of this battle this would be the first record he would make in sobriety from alcohol.

A few months later the sessions began. In-studio, we found support, inspiration, and empowerment while breathing life into the songs; a testament to the strength of healing through these songs.

The album was recorded with just the two of us on all the instruments, with the exception of Glenn Radley (on kit drum), and my dog, who rang her bell every time the lyric ‘moon’ is sung.

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