Pop-infused indie rock band MONOWHALES release new album Daytona Bleach

MONOWHALES is a Toronto-Based Pop-infused indie rock band.  The group consists of Sally Shaar (lead vocals), Zach Zanardo (guitar, bass, synthesizer, vocals) and Jordan Circosta (drums, synthesizer, vocals).


They debuted in 2017 with their debut single “Take It Back”.

You can catch three of MONOWHALES songs on Season 1, Episode 5 of the 2020 Netflix series Spinning Out.  Their music has also appeared in the CBC drama Northern Rescue.

Today, MONOWHALES releases their highly-anticipated new album Daytona Bleach.

Zach Zanardo discusses ‘Daytona Bleach’

Daytona Bleach was a whole new experience for me. The shift of production styles from old-school to using this thing called a ‘computer’ opened my eyes to a whole new way to create and a whole new palette. We’re no longer just a band in a room, but a whole universe of colour, sound, and expression. This mentality truly came about in ‘He Said/She Said (I Wait)’ – a song that had its beginnings years ago, but really came to life when we brought it to Ryan in the studio.

MONOWHALES releases official video for new track “He Said/She Said (I Wait)”

On the album is the brand new single “He Said/She Said (I Wait)

Sally Shaar discusses “He Said/She Said (I Wait)”

‘He Said/She Said (I Wait)’ is about delusionally interpreting and trying to accept what is going on around me while constantly immersed in a dissociative state. It seems like we are all running around on our hamster wheels at home. As we look around surrounded by fake news and sickness, I sit frozen, feeling catatonic in my body. I’m stunned by the explosion of exploitation I see around me. Yet, my mind can’t stop running. My thoughts race in perpetual anxiety as I wait for life to resume its course.

Daytona Bleach

  1. All Or Nothing
  2. He Said/She Said (I Wait)
  3. BL/FF (Fake Friends)
  4. Out With The Old
  5. RWLYD (Really Wanna Let You Down)
  6. Over My Head
  7. I Don’t Think About U

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