Nate Haller second single “Grew Up On”

Nate Haller is a Canadian country singer/songwriter. Music had always been a part of Nate’s life. He started singing in high school when a friend signed him up for a talent show.


Since that time, he has played alongside Canada’s top artists including The Reklaws.

Nate Haller discusses “Grew Up On”

I hope ‘Grew Up On’ gives people a clearer view into my past, specifically how I came up. We all have our stories, whether we come from a small town or a big city, and this song really tells mine. The past few months have been nothing I could have ever imagined, with the response to ‘Lightning In A Bottle.’ I cannot wait to get out and play both of these tracks at a live show, hopefully sometime very soon!

March 31, 2021 – Nate Haller releases debut track “Lightning In A Bottle”

Canadian country singer/songwriter Nate Haller releases his first single, “Lightning In A Bottle.”

The release of today’s new track introduces the world to his sound.

The writers of the song are Travis Wood, Gavin Slate, and Shawn Austin. The producer of the song is Todd Clark.

Nate Haller discusses new track “Lightning in a Bottle”

I feel like this song is a culmination of the past ten years of my life and represents the start of something new and exciting. I’m amped for people to hear this new chapter and hopefully listeners can relate to new beginnings in any part of their lives.

So many people will be able to relate to this one. When I first heard this song, it immediately sounded like the soundtrack to my life. Four years ago at a bar, I met my first girlfriend and there was definitely lightning in the bottle that night. I know so many others have had a similar experience. I wanted to get my vocals on it right away and tell that story.

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