Perdurabo releases ‘No Limits Of Extension’

Perdurabo is the moniker for Davide Arneodo. He is a multi-instrumentalist, electronic music producer and composer. Today, Perdurabo releases the new single No Limits Of Extension, from The Time Traveller album out on May 21st. The Time Traveller is a record by Perdurabo and !K7 artist Davide Tomat.


The Time Traveller

It consists of nine tracks.

  1. Infinite Returns
  2. The Electrified Man
  3. Journeys Out Of The Body
  4. Remain Unchanged
  5. Unleash The Revolution
  6. No Limit Of Extension
  7. Be Made Human By Love
  8. Internal Resistence
  9. Disperse Yourself To Infinity

Statement by Perdurabo about No Limits Of Extension

No Limits Of Extension, was created with an OP1 programmed sequence recorded analogically with a Prophet synth; you can hear a more powerful sound here. The elements I love the most on this composition are the strings and the piano, both recorded acoustically but treated highly electronically. The orchestra is just me overdubbing my violin dozens of times with three microphones for each take.

Perdurabo discusses Unleash The Revolution released on April 16, 2021

It’s a dynamic, straight, and in some ways unforgettable composition. It always gave me the feeling that something big was coming. During my countless flights between Italy and Berlin, I was often listening to the demos on my headphones, and every time this track started, everything looked bright and powerful – it made me want to unleash a revolution.

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