Ritual Cloak releases new album ‘Divine Invasions’ out via Bubblewrap Collective

Ritual Cloak members include Daniel Barnett (formerly of the band Samoans) and drummer / producer Andrew Sanders. ‘Divine Invasions‘ will be available on May 7, 2021 via Bubblewrap Collective

‘Divine Invasions’

  1. Opaque Crater
  2. Conversation (Blackmail)
  3. Expect Results
  4. I Accuse History
  5. High Teens Low Twenties
  6. Valis
  7. Silent Running
  8. Running With A Mullet
  9. White Noise
  10. Manylion

Ritual Cloak discusses new single “Opaque Crater”

Opaque Crater was one of the first songs we started writing for Divine Invasions and the title came to Dan while he was travelling through the Scottish Highlands. We were in a hugely positive state of mind at the time as we’d just finished work on our debut album and wanted to keep the creative momentum going. We really feel this positivity comes across in the song.

Opaque Crater is one of the songs on the album that was pretty much fully written and recorded pre-lockdown, so the writing process for this one was quite different from the majority of the album. When writing started and we’d work in the studio together we’d come in with small ideas, never anything fully formed and just see where they took us on the day. That’s always been what makes Ritual Cloak so exciting for us, there are no expectations and that attitude of “there are no rules” really allows for our creativity to flourish.

Release date

Divine Invasions‘ will be available on May 7, 2021 via Bubblewrap Collective

Express Review

I had the opportunity to check out the album today. Lots of great instrumental songs on this albums. In the past, I like to play a game that I like to call #ucanonlypick1. Hmmm…my favourite from the album is Track 9 ‘White Noise’.

Tell us your pick.

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