Singer-Songwriter Robyn Sherwell releases new song “Bare Minimum”. Previous releases include “A Kiss” and “To Give Up”

Robyn Sherwell is a London-based singer-songwriter. Bare Minimum is the third single from Robyn’s upcoming album Unfold available on June 18th.

Robyn Sherwell statement about new single Bare Minimum

It’s a song that embodies a craving for something more than the bare minimum in a relationship that seems to have lost its way.

‘A Kiss’

On April 7th, Robyn Sherwell shares new single ‘A Kiss’

Robyn Sherwell statement about new single A Kiss

A kiss is a simple act, but can also mean crossing the line between friendship and something more than friendship. The song speaks to the risk of doing something that can’t be undone, something that could change everything and the floating exhilaration, fear, excitement and anticipation of that moment.

The song is accompanied by a music video featuring LA-based dancer Carly Blaney, Robyn stated:

We wanted the video to be simple and allow the choreography and Carly’s talent to shine. Carly’s interpretation of the song as a solo dancer perfectly connects to the lyrics. I just adore how expressive and intimate it feels. I’ve always loved how beautifully dance can convey a song’s energy and meaning., I’m so happy to have been able to collaborate with Carly to create these visuals.

“To Give Up”

On March 22, Robyn Sherwell releases new music video for “To Give Up”

Robyn discusses the video

I love how disconcerting the layered mirror shots are and how the concept plays on the different sides of ourselves we have to confront in any journey through something challenging. This video has such a variety of colour and set-ups and was so fun to make, and I think that energy comes through too.

Unfold tracklisting

  1. To Give Up
  2. Bare Minimum
  3. One Thing
  4. Where Do We Go From Here
  5. Two Weeks
  6. A Kiss
  7. Problems
  8. Lifting Me Up
  9. Sand In My Shoes
  10. Leaving

Express Review

I had the opportunity to check out the album. Lovely songs and beautiful voice. In the past, I like to play a game that I like to call #ucanonlypick1. Hmmm…my favourite from the album is Track 8 ‘Lifting Me Up’.

Tell us your pick.

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