Sea Fever announce debut album Folding Lines

Sea Fever is a five-piece band. The group consists of Iwan Gronow, Beth Cassidy, Tom Chapman, Phil Cunningham and Elliot Barlow. The band’s upcoming debut album Folding Lines will be available on August 13, 2021.


Quote about the group coming together

We wanted to work with each other for ages. So when we finally sat down in the studio, the band just seemed to come together naturally. It felt like we were really free to explore the kinds of music that have always inspired us. We dug right through the record crates of our minds to shape the sound of Sea Fever.

Folding Lines Album tracklisting

Sea Fever debut album will include ten-tracks

  1. Crossed Wires
  2. Under Duress
  3. Afterthought
  4. Built To Last
  5. Folding Lines
  6. Satellite
  7. Le Coup
  8. De Facto
  9. The Finder
  10. Programme Your Life

‘De Facto’

On May 21, 2021, Sea Fever teases more new music with ‘De Facto’.

Frontman Iwan Gronow statement

We’re experimenting with song structures and sounds. We wrote the song with a thumping back beat and pulsating analog synth. The song is about not being afraid to speak up, voicing your opinion and opening this void.

‘Folding Lines’

On April 9th, 2021, Sea Fever shares title track ‘Folding Lines’

Statement about the new track ‘Folding Lines’

Lyrically it’s a song about longing and promise, about returning to a place that connects you to your past. It links to the band name. Both our singers come from seaside towns, so it’s quite a strong narrative for us. Musically it’s the most unique track on the album. We wanted it to be distinctive sounding, like a cross between a spaghetti western soundtrack and early 80’s New York dance music.

‘Crossed Wires’

On March 18, 2021, the Manchester band shares visuals for their recently released single ‘Crossed Wires’.

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