Taming Sari releases “Gone and Run Away”

Taming Sari is a rock band from Ottawa, ON. Band members include Warren Meredith, Adam Ouellette, Joe Fraser, Miguel Brunette-Kingsberry, and Alex Pellerin-Auprix.


Their debut EP, Forest in 2018 garnered the attention from Emmy-nominated Toronto producer Ross Hayes Citrullo.

In May 2019, the bilingual quintet made its official debut with the single “Down with the Devil,”. They followed it up with “Wake Up Boy.” in July.

The two singles helped the aspiring musicians promote their album — Thirsty from the Drought that came out on September 2019.

Since then, the blues-inspired five-piece put out their 2020 hit single, “Loving Way.” and now 2021 single “Gone and Run Away“.

Taming Sari discuss new single “Gone and Run Away”

Gone and Run Away is the band’s first ballad. We had a desire to dip our toes into this slower tempo and explore the emotions of heartbreak within the soundscape of southern rock. This is a song for rockers and lovers, a story about jealousy, heartbreak, lost, the emptiness one can feel once a person is gone, when a relationship comes to an end.

Part of the inspiration for this song came from a band tour date to Lake Huron. We fell in love with the beautiful landscape of the Great Lakes.

This is our 10th song recorded with our producer Ross Hayes Citrullo. Our creative relationship grows stronger every time we work on a new single together.

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