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Taming Sari is back with a new track Loving Way. Taming Sari is a rock band from Ottawa, ON. Band members include Taming Sari is Warren Meredith on lead vocals, Alexandre Pellerin-Auprix on bass, Adam Quellette on drums and backing vocals, Miguel Brunette-Kingsberry on rhythm guitar, and Danny Seguin-Brunette on lead guitar. They bring that classic rock and blues feel back into modern-day rock and roll.  They released their first demo EP titled Forest; in late June 2018 and got the attention of Toronto producer Ross Hayes Citrullo.  In May 2019, they released their debut single titled Down With The Devil.  Their second single Wake Up Boy was released in July 2019.

About Down With the Devil (1st single released May 17, 2019)

“We chose Down with the Devil for our first music video/single release it was a perfect depiction of our sound, while keeping that good old classic rock, high energy feel,” says Taming Sari. “We are incredibly proud of this track.”

About Wake Up Boy (2nd single release July 11, 2019 – Submission to CBC Searchlight 2020)

‘’We were stocked to submit this song to CBC Searchlight 2020 as we definitely thought it was our contender to give us a fighting chance for the contest. With the help of our fans and the interest the judges had for the whole experience we presented with the video and single, we were able to make it in the Top 100 in Canada. We can’t wait to try again next year with new material.’’

Fun fact: their 2019 breakthrough LP Thirsty from the Drought prompted invites to play during an Ottawa Senator’s game intermission.

Let’s check out their latest track ‘ Loving Way.


Official Lyric video – Loving Way

Breaking news

Their new single ‘’Loving Way’’ includes further plans to record and release two more singles alongside music videos in 2020. 

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