The Funky Bunch are back to ‘Celebrate’

Do you remember Marky Mark and The FUNKY BUNCH? The hip-hop musical group, consisted of Mark Wahlberg (Marky Mark), Scott Ross (Scottie Gee), Hector Barros (Hector the Booty Inspector), Terry Yancey (DJ-T), and Anthony Thomas (Ashy Ace). In the early 90s, the hip-hop musical group entertained us with chart-topping single Good Vibrations. It dominated radio waves in 1991 and went to #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. Other hits included singles “Wildside” and “You Gotta Believe”.


Unfortunately, in 1993, they disbanded.

The group reunited in 2019.

Absolutely is the first single by The Funky Bunch featuring Sisqo

Great news…in 2019, the group (Scott Ross, Hector Barros and Terry Yancey) got back together. In collaboration with R&B singer, songwriter Sisqo they released their first single ‘Absolutely’.

New song Celebrate featuring Ella

During COVID, they continued to work together and created their latest single and music video ‘Celebrate’ with Ella.

Breaking News

They are set to release their next single at the start of December. In 2021, we could also expect a documentary, book release and a tour.

Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch Studio albums

Music for the People (1991) Track listing

  • Music for the People
  • Good Vibrations (featuring Loleatta Holloway)
  • Wildside
  • Bout Time I Funk You
  • Peace
  • So What Chu Sayin
  • Marky Mark is Here
  • On the House Tip
  • Make Me Say Ooh!
  • I Need Money
  • The Last Song on Side B

You Gotta Believe (1992) Track listing

  • The Crisis
  • You Gotta Believe
  • Gonna Have a Good Time
  • Loungin’
  • Don’t Ya Sleep
  • I Want You
  • The American Dream
  • The M
  • Get Up (The Funky Bunch Theme)
  • Super Cool Mack Daddy
  • I Run Rhymes
  • Ain’t No Stoppin’ the Funky Bunch
  • The Last Song on Side B Part II: Go On
  • The Solution

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