THEY. release The Amanda Tape 

Listen to The Amanda Tape by THEY.

The Amanda Tape by THEY. is now available.  The R&B duo consists of Dante Jones and Drew Love.  Heartbreak, happiness, and life lessons gave birth to THEY‘s sophomore release of The Amanda Tape.  Stand-out tracks include “Count Me In”, “Play Fight with Tinashe”, “All Mine”, “STCU with Juicy J” and “Losing Focus with Wale”.

THEY. release The Amanda Tape Tracks include "Count Me In", “Play Fight", “All Mine”, “STCU with Juicy J” and “Losing Focus with Wale”. 
THEY. release The Amanda Tape Tracks include “Count Me In”, “Play Fight with Tinashe”, “All Mine”, “STCU with Juicy J” and “Losing Focus with Wale”.

Below are some quotes from THEY. about songs.

‘On and On’

This song has dual meaning to it. On the surface it’s a song about a relationship, but when writing it, we were also speaking about our relationship with the world around us. Things have changed so much, so rapidly and we must believe there’s hope that things will change for the better.

From day one we’ve wanted to use our platform responsibly to shed light on issues that affect us. This song was an opportunity to keep the conversation going about police brutality and social injustices that have afflicted our community for years.

‘Count Me In’

The song that really set the tone for our upcoming album.  It’s got a bit of everything we are known for, guitars, harmonies, that ’90s feel with our own twist.

‘All Mine’

This song is one of the bedroom jams of the album. We both grew big fans of The-Dream and wanted to make something with that delivery and attitude he always brought.  A lot of us got those on-again/off-again-type of relationships that always seem to come full circle. My ex told me that she was with a new dude and happy. I’m just like ok, we’ll see lol.

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