TiKA releases debut album Anywhere But Here that includes single “Walking Disaster”

TiKA is a Multidisciplinary musician. Today, TiKA releases her debut album Anywhere But Here.


Anywhere But Here

There are 10 tracks on the album

  1. Soothing Love
  2. Human Heart
  3. Interstellar Vibes
  4. Bless Me Down
  5. Sideways
  6. Walking Disaster
  7. Ishmill
  8. I Would Die 4 U
  9. I Prayed
  10. Unless UR Mine

TiKA releases new single music video “Walking Disaster”

TiKA releases new song “Walking Disaster” from debut album Anywhere But Here. It features Congolese Toronto-based vocalist Desiire. Victoria Long is the director of the music video.

TiKA discusses new song Walking Disaster

Walking Disaster is a song that I wrote about a really abusive relationship I was in when I was 19. This person just didn’t like me very much and he also didn’t like himself, so we were in this really toxic exchange. I had really poor self-esteem and no clear guidance or direction in terms of how to actually be in a relationship. He only liked my music and he liked when I would be praised by other people but he didn’t actually like me. It took me a while to detach myself because there would be times when he would love-bomb me and it would confuse me.

I wrote Walking Disaster a few years after I escaped from that relationship. I was living in an apartment and it just so happened to have a guitar and I taught myself how to play and wrote this record. When it was finished, I kind of just left the song alone and was very afraid of it. Similarly to my fear of him. Eventually, I asked Desiire to be on the record because at the time I didn’t even have the emotional capacity or the strength to sing it by myself. I was terrified of the song and what it represented. I realized I needed some kind of support. So, it turned into a call and response. That’s what made me feel safer about singing it. It’s a really powerful track and a cathartic one for me because I feel like I’m releasing something that may hopefully heal someone else.

January 14, 2021 – TiKA pays tribute to Prince with new single I Would Die 4U

TiKA releases new single “I Would Die 4U” from her debut album Anywhere But Here.

TiKA discusses her new single “I Would Die 4U”

A reason I fell in love with Prince was his lyricism, which instantly captivates his audience. I wanted to pay homage to his legacy by doing a rendition of one of my favorite records by him, “I Would Die 4 U.” This was the first record I recorded with Casey MQ when I started building my album.

Not many people know this, but the original recording of IWD4U is Prince singing from the perspective of Christ. To embody the word of God while purposefully turning a record into a Pop hit is no easy task, and the song always brings me to tears when I hear it. Prince was a genius.

Songs like this remind me of the importance and value of my relationship with The Divine, which remains unwavering and steadfast even in times of great sorrow. From another lens, IWD4U reminds me of the importance of duality on multiple fronts. In spirituality and sensuality. In kindness and closeness. In forgiveness and reconciliation. In honesty and compassion. It’s all about balance.

One can exist without the other, but it’s so much more delicious when these concepts exist harmoniously side-by-side. The song reminds me to be good to others, and to remain kind and loving even when the world is dark and cruel. Most importantly, IWD4U reminds me to see God in myself and in others. I wanted to turn it into a ballad to show the beauty of the exquisite lyricism and the brilliance of the dove we once knew as Prince. May he rest in eternal peace and may his music live on forever.

TiKA discusses “I Would Die 4U” music video

The video was directed by NASKADEMINI.

For this video, I was inspired by Prince’s live stage shows which were masterfully and intentionally assembled to relay a specific feeling and message. We chose a regal all-purple, textured space, with shots of me performing this powerful record. I wear all white to signify purity and being born again. Still shots of me on the guitar with exquisite make-up are all to pay homage to the brilliant stylist and stage aesthetic that Prince would bring on stage each night to honour The Divine.

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