Listen to “Heart Worth Taking (feat. Kaya)” by Ty Richard

Ty Richard is a Toronto soul-R&B singer/songwriter. Richard’s latest single, “Heart Worth Taking“ (2020). It is the first release from his upcoming LP, “In Time & Grace“ (2021).


“Heart Worth Taking” – Ty Richard: Thoughts & Concepts

Heart Worth Taking compares the fading loves of the world with the eternal love of God. It discusses the struggle that one faces when choosing between the two.

I feel like King Solomon in his quest for satisfaction. He had unparalleled wealth, power, women, property, horses, food, and pleasure, and yet after attaining all of it he concluded it all to be worthless when living apart from God.

I too was searching for satisfaction in the world through lifestyle, music, and status, each time attaining love through these things, and each time watching that same
love and contentment fade quicker than it came. I had bought the lie of the world: that one could find true and complete contentment in material things, or social statuses, or personal pleasures. I was wrong. Human beings were made for something far greater than anything this world has to offer.

I have come to the same conclusion as King Solomon: That there is not a single thing on this earth that can satisfy my soul like knowing the endless love freely given by Jesus Christ.

Music Video “Heart Worth Taking (feat. Kaya)”

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