Vanessa Carlton new album available on March 26

Vanessa Carlton announces the release of Love is an Art Deluxe

Vanessa Carlton announces new music. The release of Love Is an Art Deluxe will be out March 26, 2021 via Dine Alone.

Vanessa Carlton - LIAA Deluxe - Photo Credit Alysse Gafkjen
Vanessa Carlton – LIAA Deluxe – Photo Credit Alysse Gafkjen

A note from Vanessa Carlton

Love Is An Art came out the week of our first lockdown. Remember that one? March 2020, the revelatory month where everything as we knew it changed abruptly and (seemingly) indefinitely. My life changed suddenly. Although all my shows were cancelled, I still felt like the record needed to come out. If it brought one person joy, it was worth it. Upon reflection, this album coming out last March may have been a premonition, a musical map of what we were all about to go through.

Love Is An Art explores human attachments and the relationship with the inner self. From expressions of gratitude for friends that bring you back to your authentic self (“Companion Star”), to the “bird in a cage” story of being trapped in a toxic relationship (“Miner’s Canary”), the album explores life altering connections that we make with each other and with ourselves. Written with one of my favorite writers, Tristen, this album is a collection of stories that came together forming one journey about the quest for meaning in our lives.

On the one-year anniversary of the original release, Love Is An Art is back, in “Deluxe” form. For only the second time in my twenty-year career, I am releasing demos (I like the idea of letting listeners in on the rawness and intimacy of how a song begins), in addition to the B-side “Break to Save”. “Break to Save” is about being brave enough to face the pain that will allow you to grow. It’s about that moment when you realize you can’t change a parent or friend or lover, and as hard as it may be, you must break ties in order to save yourself, or to set a boundary that you need.

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VICE’s Documentary Series The Story of “A Thousand Miles”

Vanessa and VICE’s Documentary Series “The Story Of” take viewers back to where it all began in the new episode of The Story of “A Thousand Miles”. Nearly twenty years after “A Thousand Miles” burst onto the scene, VICE sat down with Vanessa Carlton to dive into the story behind “A Thousand Miles” and its iconic lasting effect on pop culture, including interviews with song producer Ron Fair, music video director Marc Klasfeld and Terry Crews who popularized the song in hit comedy White Chicks. Watch The Story of “A Thousand Miles” HERE.

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