White Collar Grunge releases new single ‘Capitulation’

White Collar Grunge (Cory Williams) is an alt-rocker from Oshawa, Ontario. ‘Capitulation’ is the new single from the self-titled debut album. There are ten tracks on the album. The album tackles a variety of experiences, nuances, and moments in time.


Self-titled debut album

  1. Don’t Even
  2. Capitulation
  3. Second Miracle
  4. Mortal Strike
  5. Patience
  6. Planets Collide
  7. Prepare to Embark
  8. Synthesis
  9. Top Pusher
  10. Everything’s Better

White Collar Grunge discusses new single ‘Capitulation’

The idea for the song Capitulation came about when the stock market tanked in March 2020. I was hearing the word a lot in the media and my father-in-law kept saying it as well. It seemed like an original lyric idea. I was already working on the music at the time and the rest of the song flowed pretty quickly from there. Prior to writing Capitulation, I already had the basic concepts for most of the songs that ended up on the record at varying stages of completion. I will typically sit with the music for a while, come up with vocal melodies while jamming over the tracks and eventually get to writing the lyrics. In August I booked the studio time for November to do the drums and vocals. It really helped motivate me to finish the songs.

White Collar Grunge discusses single ‘Second Miracle’

I started writing the music to Second Miracle in the hospital on my laptop after my second child Theo was born in May 2020. He was a big inspiration in getting this album done. After Theo was born I came to realize that there was never going to be a “good” time for me to make a record. I didn’t want to reflect on my life later with regret.

White Collar Grunge discusses single “Synthesis”

At the time I had thought it might be a good name for my project and after writing Capitulation I became sold on it.

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