Your Paris’ Upcoming Single – Redbone

March 8, 2021 – Your Paris set to some new music on March 12th, 2021. Their 8th single is a pop rendition of Childish Gambino’s r&b breakout tune “Redbone”.


October 6, 2020 – Your Paris Upcoming Single ‘Rooms’ coming soon

Just got some great news from Canadian musical duo Your Paris.  They have an upcoming single Rooms, set to be released on November 6th.  The group consists of Nick Babcock and Laila Kharouba.

The couple officially teamed up in January 2020. Nick was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario. He played in several bands throughout his teen years, and joined and toured with indie band Kasador for a few years. Laila is from Toronto and has a musical theatre background.  Your Paris has opened for Toronto indie-rock band Birds of Bellwoods.  They describe their sound as “pop and r&b, with hints of folk”.  Their music has been compared to Julia Michaels and Scott Hellman.

I had the opportunity to listen to Rooms over the weekend and all I have to say is that this is a single you don’t want to miss. In “Rooms” Your Paris explores a messy relationship.  “Rooms” is a conflicted plea to ignore the mess in a relationship and just fall into each otherʼs arms– a situation many people know well, but rarely come face-to-face with. This hopeful pop anthem is a chilling blend of acoustic and subtle electropop elements that perfectly showcases Your Paris’ ability to move flawlessly between genres while maintaining their notably honest songwriting.

Interview with Canadian pop/R&B duo Your Paris

September 25, 2020 – Today on What On What’s Good with Host Jovin Tardif, I am here with Canadian pop/R&B duo Your Paris.   The group consists of Nick Babcock and Laila Kharouba. The Kingston/Toronto couple officially teamed up in January 2020. The duo compliment each other perfectly. In our interview, we discuss how they met, songwriting tips, news about their new song “About Love”, and much more. Previous tracks include “The Internet”, “Who’s Gonna Love You” and “Standing In Your Doorway”.

1. Can you tell us a little about your musical backgrounds?

We have both been singing and making music since we were little. We both grew up with music in our households, so it was never really a conscious choice to pursue music (for either of us)– it just happened organically. Nick was born and raised in Kingston, Ontario, played in several bands throughout his teen years, and joined and toured with indie band Kasador for a few years. Laila is from Toronto, and has a musical theatre background.

2. How would you describe your sound to others?

We would describe our sound as a dreamy blend of pop and r&b, with hints of folk. Our music is fresh and unique, while evoking a sense of familiarity upon first listen. Our heartbreak tunes that have been compared to Julia Michaels and Scott Hellman… but our favourite comparison we’ve received is “a swaggier Oh Wonder… like Oh Wonder meets Pink Sweat$”.

3. How did you two meet?

Originally, we met a few years back when Laila saw Nick play in Kingston. We stayed internet friends for a while, but were in different cities. In the summer of 2019, we reconnected and bonded over music. We actually wrote our song “The Internet” the first time we hung out. We started dating (long distance between Toronto and Kingston) shortly after that, and well, here we are.

4. The name of the group is inspired by the names Chelsea Cutler’s “Your Shirt” and The 1975’s “Paris”. What can you tell us about what these two artists and what their songs mean to you.

We looove those two artists. We started singing those songs together right at the start of our relationship, so in a lot of ways they have influenced our sound and inspired our choice to join forces. Both songs are really beautiful but also really sad. That’s something we really admire in music — when it captures all sides of things. That’s something we strive to do in our songwriting as well.

5. Your tracks include ‘The Internet’, ‘Who’s Gonna Love You’, ‘Standing In Your Doorway’, and now ‘About Love’. What can you tell us about the different songs and the messaging in them?

They’re all heartbreak tunes. But you could also call them love songs. They’re just not your typical ‘I’m so happy that I met you’ love songs, they’re more like ‘wow this is so much fun and beautiful but also so hard lol help’. They’re heartbroken but also hopeful. They differ a tiny bit in sound and ‘genre’ from one to another because we’ve been having fun and taking our time as we discover our sound.

6. Do you have any advice to offer about writing music?

Be authentic and true to yourself. That’s what will make people connect with your music. Speaking more technically, we both really like music that is specific and candid; lyrics that put you right in the moment and paint the picture rather than requiring a roadmap.

7. Is there any artist(s) that you would like to collaborate with?

We’d love to work with Chelsea Cutler. That’s a big dream of ours. She’s the main artist we bonded over when we first got together, and while our genres are a little different, she’s inspired a lot of our music. We make a point to harass her on social media every so often. Haha.

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