mypublishedwork is now available at #whatonwhatsgood.  Ultimately being published feels great. When content makes it to literature, music, books, newspapers, magazines, ebooks, academic journals, websites, blogs, video games, podcasting, etc…it is truly a blessing. Freelance writers get the opportunity to produce written text as needed by clients or create their own magic.  I find this quite enjoyable as every day is something different. In my case, at mypublishedwork, I find it fun to let my imagination wander and see where it goes. Putting pen to paper is exciting. I am a fan of the sport and entertainment industry but on occasion, at mypublishedwork, I am asked to write a different type of story. I really enjoy the challenge.  On one occasion, I have been blessed to have my work on another platform. Thank you for the opportunity.

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