Wendy Keeling Orlando International Film Festival Past Partum Clown College

Exclusive Interview: Wendy Keeling

Empty Cup Media Colin Burwell and Carla Sinclair.  We discuss how they started in the business, genres of film that they do, Renaissance Man, challenges, hobbies and fun stories while filming

Exclusive Interview: Colin and Carla

jessica danov bad vegan

Exclusive Interview: Jessica Danov

Before the show, I can see that Jessica Danov was anxious but was in extremely great spirits about this glorious opportunity. Like most writers and creators, I can tell she probably had millions of things going on in her head, for instance, “Are they going to laugh? What did they think of the camera angles? …

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jennifer boorman nice2sparkle

Music interview: Jennifer Boorman

1.  Jennifer Boorman (Nice2Sparkle), describe your experience at Trebas Institute – Toronto in the Audio Engineering Technologies & Production and DJ Arts? My experience at Trebas Institute – Toronto was exciting, intense, nerve-wracking, and amazing all at the same time. It was one year that was jammed packed of knowledge that could have been expanded into …

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editing filmmaking Gianluca Olmastroni

Exclusive Interview: Gianluca Olmastroni

I’m a filmmaker and editor. I moved to Toronto from Italy in early 2018 after a taste of the city in summer 2016 on a temporary visa. I’m trying to work my way up the film industry in the post-production department. For many years, I have been involved in various stages of professional video making. …

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Fashion photographer Lisa-Marie McGinn

Exclusive Interview: Lisa-Marie McGinn

  1. Can you tell us about your background in photography, Lisa-Marie McGinn? I first started studying photography in Grade 10 of high school. It didn’t take long for my passion to begin. I took the photography course because we needed credits to graduate and I thought it would be easy. Boy was I wrong! …

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conversation with Leah Denbok Nowhere to Call Home

Exclusive Interview: Leah Denbok

andre gaumond

Exclusive Interview: Andre Gaumond

I am a dreamer. I think a film can change the way people understand each other, relate to each other, be kinder to each other. My goal is to bring more consciousness to this automatic world that submerges us and makes us forget who we really are. My films tackle social issues, from homophobia to …

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4korners toronto raptors dj

Music interview: 4Korners

1. How did you build a relationship with the Raptors? This right here has been a crazy ride. I’ve been a Raptors fan since the beginning. I was a kid when the franchise began and I was actually at the NBA Draft event when we picked Damon Stoudamire in 95′. Skip ahead to 2004 and …

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michael chan

Exclusive Interview: Michael Chan

aline kurik

Exclusive interview: Aline Kurik

1.  Aline Kurik, tell us a little about yourself. I graduated from Centennial College from the Criminal Justice Service Program. It is now known as Correctional Services. Struggling to find work in the field, I continued my career as a makeup artist. 2.  Let’s discuss Lalina cosmetics? What type of services do you offer? I am …

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Linz Crichton

Music interview: Lynz Crichton

1. Lynz Crichton, when did you know you wanted to sing? Do you play instruments? I never really ‘wanted’ to sing, I just sang all. the. TIME! It is part of who I am. I learned to play the violin at school but I never really liked it. Classical music didn’t speak to me at …

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