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Stay informed about recalls of vehicles, tires and child car seats From: Transport Canada As a consumer, you’re responsible to stay up to date on recalls of your vehicle, tires or child car seat. If a manufacturer has your contact information (for example, through product registration or warranty), they must inform you when they recall a product. You may also want to find out if there are recalls on a product you’d like to buy or import, such as a used car. If you think your vehicle, tires or child car seat may have a defect that hasn’t been recalled yet, report your problem here. On this page What is a safety recall? Find a recall Sign up for recall updates If your product is recalled Contact us What is a safety recall? A manufacturer must issue a Notice of Defect or Notice of Non-Compliance (recall) when they: find a safety defect in a vehicle, tire or child car seat, or when a product doesn’t comply with safety standards A safety recall notice from the manufacturer includes: a description of the issue and the safety risk steps you need to follow to fix the problem Find a recall Vehicles, tires and child car seats Search the motor vehicle safety recalls database Look up recalls issued in Canada from 1970 to the present Download the Government of Canada recalls and safety alerts app View the most recent recalls on vehicles, tires, and child car seats (along with food, health products and consumer products) Vehicles Browse the motor vehicle safety recalls web feed View the most recent vehicle recalls, or subscribe to get real-time updates Visit your manufacturer’s website Use your vehicle identification number (VIN) to look up recalls Find out if your vehicle is affected by one or more Takata airbag recall(s) Look into recall clearance for a vehicle you want to import into Canada Child car seats Search child car seat safety alerts and notices Look up safety alerts by manufacturer, model and date Also learn if a child car seat model has a problem that isn’t a safety defect (for example, an incorrect expiry date or issue with its instruction manual) Sign up for recall updates To get recall notices directly, you can: Register with the manufacturer Subscribe to our motor vehicle safety recalls web feed If your product is recalled Make sure you have the recall repairs done on your vehicle, tires or child car seat. If you don’t repair a safety recall, it puts you, your passengers and other road users at risk. The manufacturer will almost always make these repairs free of charge. Read about the importance of having recalled vehicles repaired Contact us If you think your vehicle, tires or child car seat are subject to a recall and you need more information, contact us: Transport Canada Defect Investigations and Recalls Division Telephone: 819-420-4300 (Gatineau-Ottawa area or internationally) Toll free: 1-800-333-0510 (in Canada) Our telephone service is available Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm eastern standard or daylight saving time (EST). Outside those hours, you can leave a message. We will return your call the next business day.
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What a small world.  While I was at the Canadian International AutoShow, I ran into Transport Canada. I thought this was quite amusing as I just interviewed Yifei Zhao from Altex Academy.  Yifei and I discussed Transport Canada Drone Rules and more.  I suppose this was a sign that I need to continue to discuss health and safety issues.  At the event, I had a quick discussion with a representative regarding Recall, React and Repair.  I thought I would share this important information provided by Transport Canada.

1. How do we stay informed about recalls of vehicles, tires and child car seats?

Transport Canada’s website provides detailed information on how to stay informed about recalls:

2. What type of items could typically be recalled in a vehicle?

A “Recall” is the common term used to describe two types of notices issued by a vehicle or equipment (tires and child car seats) manufacturer – a notice of safety defect or a notice of non-compliance.

A manufacturer must issue a notice of non-compliance when it becomes aware that a vehicle or equipment does not meet regulatory requirements, including safety standards. Non-compliance could range from the performance of the product, like a brake system that cannot stop a vehicle within the regulated distance or a product that does not bear required safety markings or information.

A manufacturer must issue a notice of safety defect when it becomes aware of a flaw in the design, manufacturing or functioning of a vehicle or equipment. Such defects normally occur with minimal warning and result in an unsafe operating situation.

Transport Canada maintains a searchable website for all safety recalls issued by manufacturers.

A recall must be safety-related in order for Transport Canada to investigate it or post it on its website.

For example, a defect in a vehicle’s paint quality would not be a safety recall.

Information about emission recalls falls under the purview of Environment and Climate Change Canada.

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Transport Canada Recall React Repair

3. How are recalls discovered?

Most manufacturers have internal mechanisms to identify safety defects and issued the associated recalls.

Recalls can also be discovered by consumer reporting of what they believe may be a safety defect to Transport Canada. The department documents and analyses each report to help determine whether or not to open an investigation. An investigation may conclude that a safety defect exists, in which case the manufacturer issues the requisite recall notice. A list of active and closed investigations can be found online at:

If any car owner or driver experiences what they believe may be a safety issue with their vehicle, they are encouraged to report it to Transport Canada’s Defect Complaints and Recalls Hotline at 1-800-333-0510, or submit a defect complaint form online at:

Recalls can also be prompted by Transport Canada, who conducts compliance audits, inspections and tests to assess if vehicle and equipment manufacturers are meeting their obligations under the Motor Vehicle Safety Act. For instance, the department conducts destructive and non-destructive tests on select vehicles, tires and child car seats against applicable safety standards and audits manufacturer certification documentation.

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Vehicle Recalls Canada App by Transport Canada

4. What can consumers do if a product is recalled?

When a manufacturer notifies consumers of a recall, it is their responsibility to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to have the recall repairs completed as soon as possible, including taking any precautions identified by the manufacturer until the repairs are completed. These repairs are almost always performed at no cost to the owner.

In addition, consumers can regularly check for recalls on their vehicle by entering their vehicle identification number (VIN) into the recalls lookup tool provided by most manufacturers. A list of manufacturers recall lookup sites is available on Transport Canada’s website at:

Consumers who purchase a used vehicle are strongly encouraged to register their vehicle online with the manufacturer so that they can be notified directly of any future safety recalls issued for their vehicle.

5. Can you tell us about the importance of having recalled vehicles repaired?

Information about the importance of having recalls completed can be found at the following link

6. Is it possible to sign up for recall updates?

To be directly notified of safety recall notices, anyone can:

Register with the manufacturer; and,

Subscribe to our motor vehicle safety recalls web feed.

7. Is there an app we can use to read about the latest recalls and safety alerts?

Purchasers can check for recalls for their type of vehicle using Amazon’s Alexa voice-activated digital assistant and Transport Canada’s app titled “Vehicle Recalls Canada”. If you have an Alexa-enabled device, you can download this app and use it to find information about recalls on passenger cars and light trucks. The app is available at:

In addition, Transport Canada’s Vehicle Recalls Database can be accessed on almost any platform, including mobile. Recall data is also available through the Government of Canada’s open data initiative and can be accessed through an API for software developers. Here is a link:

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