Singer/Songwriter Kéren Releases In Form

Kéren is a singer-songwriter from New York. She began her musical theatre career at the age of 7.  Kéren learned the guitar as a teenager. After studying at the Berklee College of Music, Kéren moved to the West Coast to pursue her music career. Her new album ‘In Form’ is out now. The album includes 6 songs.  The album was recorded at Dreamland Studios.  It is a mystical converted church in the Catskill mountains of New York.

Singer/Songwriter Kéren Releases In Form
Singer/Songwriter Kéren Releases In Form

Kéren statement about In Form

Over the time this album was written, I was in a process that some would call an ‘awakening’. I began to see my facades and masks of personality, the caricature I’d created for myself, my defense mechanisms and patterns, and went into deep inquiry of Self. I began my healing journey.  This required some deep shedding as parts of myself were transforming.

The formation of the songs are sung through my changing iterations of Selves, throughout many pinnacle defining phases and revelations in my journey.

Kéren’s journey has taken her across the globe, touring and performing with symphony orchestras including San Francisco, Pittsburgh, Nashville and Oregon.  Kéren explores music and sound as a means for connection, community, discovery, catharsis, and healing.

Track listing

1 Love Blinds
2 Outer Mirror The Inner
3 You Without Me
4 Ever Learn
5 Talisman
6 Somewhere Else To Go

Singer/Songwriter Kéren Releases In Form
Singer/Songwriter Kéren Releases In Form

In Form Album on Spotify

Express Review

Very cool sounds. Beautiful voice. Unfortunately, I have to pick one song from the album. Hmmm … if #ucanonlypick1 my favourite is Ever Learn.  It’s a very fun and upbeat song.

Let us know yours.

In Form is currently available worldwide, via Audio Network/eOne.

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