Louis Baker announces new EP ‘Love Levitates’

Louis Baker is a New Zealand soul musician and singer-songwriter. His previous singles include Back On My Feet (2014), Rainbow (2016), and ‘Black Crow (2018).

Love Levitates

The album will include 7 songs including “Brighter Day” and “Overdrive“.

1 Brighter Day feat. The KTNA sisters on backing vocals.
2 Overdrive feat. NZ rapper/producer Kings
3 Love Levitates
4 Won’t Forget
5 Interlude
6 Into Your Life
7 Outro

Louis Baker discusses single “Brighter Day” and features The KTNA sisters on backing vocals

I wrote ‘Brighter Day’ for my grandfather who I never met. The song is inspired by a letter he wrote to his cousin during World War II, and of the many harrowing experiences he went through. During the war he was shot through the mouth at El Alamein, 1942. After returning home and having surgery on his face, he would spend time repeating the words “today is a beautiful day” in front of the mirror, to train his mouth and muscles to speak again. He was incredibly determined and courageous. No matter what happened, he kept a positive mind-set and looked for brighter days ahead. This is my letter to him.

Louis discusses single “Won’t Forget”

It’s about giving thanks to your best friends. I’m lucky to have some good people in my life who keep me honest. Through high and low, they are beside you. It’s a song to say thank you, and to say that I will always show the same love and respect back.

Baker discusses single “Love Levitates”

When I was growing up, I learnt and practiced Buddhism, so I think the interconnectedness of all things has been a concept that has fascinated me and intrigued me, and one that I always seem to come back to. I think of myself as a student of life. I love learning. Absorbing. Love Levitates was driven by that energy.

Louis discusses closing track “Into Your Life”

“Into Your Life” is about being courageous enough to be yourself, taking things as they come, and going with the flow. Feeling content with who you are and where you’re going. I just hope people feel something positive through my music, that’s all I’ve ever wanted.

Express Review

I had the opportunity to get an advanced listen to the album. Lovely songs. In the past, I like to play a game that I like to call #ucanonlypick1. Hmmm…my favourite from the album is Track 4 ‘Won’t Forget’.

Looking forward to hear about your favourite song.

Release date

His upcoming EP, “Love Levitates” will be available on June 18th.

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