New York Bedroom-Pop Artist Mal The Oddity

Today on What On What’s Good, we do an express review of Mal The Oddity’s new track ‘Alone With You’.  New song available on November 13th.


Mal The Oddity is a Brooklyn, NY, based musical artist. He draws inspiration from hip-hop, bedroom pop, indie, and electronica. Musical influences include Blood Orange, Frank Ocean, Travis Scott, and Tame Impala. His debut single was Deli Nights (2019).

Mal The Oddity "Alone With You"
“Alone With You” available Nov 13th

Quote from Mal The Oddity describing his music

I’d just like each song to be a different trance. A different short movie that holds your attention and washes over you, for you to experience and bring with you. A short trip to a different headspace, different expression, different emotion.

In 2020, he has released four songs including ‘Right Now’ (2020), ‘Freaks and Wild Things’ (2020), ‘These Days’ (2020), and ‘New Wings’ (2020).

His music is emotionally resonant, vulnerable, and sonically focused on transporting the listener to a specific time, place, and headspace.

Express Review

I just listened to his latest track ‘Alone With You’. It’s a very laid back track with cool sounds. Make sure to check it out on November 13th.

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