Manny Blu announces new EP DEViL

Manny Blu new EP, DEViL will be available on August 20, 2021. The songs will focus on where he is at in his life right now both personally and professionally.

Blu describes the new EP DEViL

An ensemble of songs that have a variety of skill sets and sides of me as an artist that I haven’t shown before, and is probably the most complete project I’ve released to date. I think DEViL has elements that call back to what I’ve released before and what I have coming next.

DEViL tracklisting

There will be five songs on the new album.

  1. Train” (Ryan Beaver, Jessi Alexander, and JT Harding)
  2. Might As Well Lead” (Aaron Eshuis, Joe Clemmons, and Logan Wall)
  3. “Valet” Ft. Brittany Kennell (Aaron Eshuis, Ryan Beaver, Ryan Hurd, and Joe Clemmons)
  4. “Rusty Things” (Ryan Beaver, Brinley Addington, and Anthony Smith)
  5. “Circle Up” – Ft. Blaine Holcomb (Ryan Beaver, Michael Hardy, and Craig Wiseman)

November 13, 2020 – Music Review: Manny Blu – New Ink

Today on What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I’m listening to the new album New Ink from Manny Blu.  Manny toured the country in 2019 with George Canyon, Doc Walker, and Charlie Major.  His musical influences include John Mayer, Jason Aldean, and Eric Church.  When it comes to streaming, Manny has nearly 1 million global streams to date.

Manny Blu Sophomore EP ‘New Ink’ Is Now Available
Manny Blu Sophomore EP ‘New Ink’ Is Now Available

New Ink tracklisting

There are 5 tracks on the new album.

1. Burnout Town
2. Sink
3. Born To Ride
4. Ain’t Got You
5. Old Money

Quote from Manny Blu about ‘New Ink’ album

I wanted the album to sound the way we do live. There’s more rock, more soul, and more volume this time around. It’s bigger and louder, but it’s still me. And more importantly, it’s still fun.

Express Review

Cool songs.  In the past, I like to play a game that I like to call #ucanonlypick1.  Hmmm…my favourite from the album is Track 2 ‘Sink’. It is about hitting the bottom of a bottle of Jack while “watching it all go down the sink” after a difficult breakup.  A very catchy song with great songwriting.

Tell us your pick.

New Ink on Spotify

December 20, 2021 – Manny Blu Releases New Music Video for “Old Money”

Blu is back with a new music video that reveals the depth of true, long-lasting love as it follows a young couple through the restoration of their new home, showing that money truly cannot buy love as they are tested by old flames that haunt them.

Filmed just outside of Nashville in Smyrna, Tenn. and directed by a longtime video collaborator of Blu’s, Sean Davé and Gear 7

Old Money Music Video

Debut album EP ‘Leave It Like It Is’

You should also check out his debut album ‘Leave It Like It Is.‘ 

‘Leave It Like It Is’ tracklisting

  1. “11:59”
  2. “X On My Heart”
  3. “Playback”
  4. “Looking Forward to Looking Back”
  5. “Before Somebody Else Does”
  6. “Call It Like I See It”
  7. “Like It Like That”

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