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While doing my research, I came across the movie ‘Mighty Oak’ by Paramount Home Entertainment to be released on July 7, 2020. Fortunately, I was able to do a pre-screen the film today. The cast includes Janel Parrish, Carlos PenaVega, Alexa PenaVega, Tommy Ragen, Levi Dylan, Raven-Symoné, Nana Ghana, Rodney Hicks, Gianna Harris, Ben Milliken.

mighty oak
Mighty Oak (2020)

The trailer caught my attention as the story was about a music manager Gina Jackson (Janel Parrish) whose life is shattered when her brother and lead vocalist, Vaughn (Levi Dylan), is killed in a tragic accident. Ten years later, a young guitar prodigy Oak Scoggins (Tommy Ragen) enters her life, and she becomes convinced that this young man is the reincarnation of Vaughn.

Official Trailer – Mighty Oak

What On What’s Good – Mighty Oak Review

The filming by director Sean McNamara was well done. Pay close attention to the crash scene. They did a fantastic job. There was also some great shots of Ocean Beach, California.

Now I must say off-the-bat that a few people might find the subject matter a bit different. The idea that a kid could be the reincarnation of someone’s brother is a bit farfetched however I see what the writer was trying to do. I want to tip my hat to Tommy Ragen (Oak Scoggins). He had to deal with multiple emotions throughout the movie. When he lashed out at one point during the film, I can totally understand that.

If you really think about it Oak had to deal with a lot. In his life, he had a depressed music director, a sick mother, no father figure, and bullying at school. That’s a lot to take on as a 10-year-old who only wanted to play music. Thankfully, over time he did develop some great friendships with a group of musicians and kids at school that kept him content.

The music was great and Oak can really play the guitar.

mighty oak
Janel Parrish, Levi Dylan, Carlos PenaVega, Nana Ghana, and Ben Milliken in Mighty Oak (2020)

Final thoughts

Overall, I feel that ‘Mighty Oak’ is one to watch. You will appreciate the young talent in this film. Perhaps you will learn a) how people cope with loss, b) when to step in, c) the importance of listening to one another, or maybe d) how as a unit we can all help one another.

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