Terra Spencer New Album ‘Chasing Rabbits’

Today on What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I just listened to Terra Spencer‘s new album ‘Chasing Rabbits’.   The album is set to be released on Friday, November 13, 2020. It is a collection of songs set against the backdrop of the Canadian winter.  This is the follow-up to her 2019 debut Other People’s Lives.

Terra Spencer Chasing Rabbits

Tracks include:

1 – Melt (T. Spencer) 3:51
2 – Lunenburg Moon (T. Spencer) 4:59
3 – Chasing Rabbits (T. Spencer) 3:31
4 – In the City (T. Spencer) 6:28
5 – Training to Fly (T. Spencer) 4:44
6 – Motherland (T. Spencer) 6:20
7 – Manitoba Maple (T. Spencer) 4:57
8 – Coyotes (T. Spencer) 5:20
9 – Feels Like Home (T. Spencer) 5:03
10 – Saigon (T. Spencer) 5:51

When asked about the album, Terra Spencer says: 

“Chasing Rabbits follows the tracks of ten stories about the people (and in one case, a dog) that are close to my heart. It tells the stories of emotions when there is distance in between; distance between yourself and someone who has taken your heart, the distance between you and a wild animal in the woods, leaving to go to college, or crossing the ocean on tour. This album is about what it means to come back home.”

Express Review

I got to check out the album this afternoon. Lovely songs in this album.  The tracks were very soothing.  In the past, I like to play a game that I like to call #ucanonlypick1. Hmmm…my favourite from the album is Track #4.  I really enjoyed the storytelling in this one.

Let us know your pick.

Chasing Rabbits is headed for streaming services and available on CD and for download on November 13 via Bandcamp and at www.terraspencer.ca

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