The Other Side of The Ring (2021)

The Other Side of The Ring is a 1h 21min female wrestling documentary. The director is Jeremy Norrie.


Keta Meggett – Professional Wrestler – “Keta Rush”
Shelly Martinez – Retired Professional Wrestler
Sarah-Jean Greaves – Professional Wrestler – “Delilah Doom”
Katarina Waters – Professional Wrestler/Actor/Model – “Temptress”

Other notes

Associate producer – George Henry Horton
Executive producer – J. Horton
Producers – Jeremy Norrie and Sean A. Reid
Music – Maximilian Kabong

Express Review

Without giving away too much, the documentary is about four professional wrestlers
(Keta Meggett, Shelly Martinez, Sarah-Jean Greaves, Katarina Waters) discussing their wrestling experiences.

Most viewers might know Shelly Martinez from her time in ECW, WWE and TNA.

Katarina Leigh Waters is known as Katie Lea Burchill in ECW and WWE and Katarina Leigh in TNA.

Sarah-Jean Greaves (Delilah Doom) is an indie wrestler who has worked at multiple federations. Greaves appeared on Monday Night RAW on August 15, 2016 in a match versus Nia Jax. On January 31, 2017, she wrestled Carmella on an episode of Smackdown.

Actress Keta Meggett wrestled at Women of Wrestling from 2016 to 2019.

Some topics include personal stories, how they were introduced to the industry, being a fan, getting into the business, going to wrestling shows, their first matches, their training at wrestling schools, character development, injuries, and accomplishments.

They even talk about whether wrestling is real or fake and the dangers of wrestling.

It’s an enjoyable watch for both wrestling fans and others to learn more about their journeys.

Release date

The Other Side of the Ring is available on May 20th on Tubi TV, Vimeo on Demand and Google Play.

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