Movie Review: Unhinged Starring Russell Crowe

Russell Crowe gets Unhinged

Unhinged is a new psychological thriller from Solstice Studios, It is a film by Derrick Borte and a screenplay by Carl Ellsworth. In this film, Rachel (Caren Pistorius) is running late to work when she has an altercation at a traffic light with a stranger (Russell Crowe). This leads to a man who becomes infuriated and decides to teach her a lesson. Other cast members include Gabriel Bateman, Jimmi Simpson, and Austin P. McKenzie.

Caren Pistorius (Rachael) stars in the psychological thriller UNHINGED

Official Trailer

Initial thoughts after watching the trailer

The film focuses on road rage and takes it to the extreme.

Quote from Writer Carl Ellsworth

Unhinged ‘hinges’ on a single moment. A chance encounter anyone of us could have at any moment

Quote from Russell Crowe after reading the script

Absolutely not. I’m not doing this movie, it scares (the shit) out of me, this character is intensely dark… and when I heard that come out of my mouth, I was like, since when did I stop doing that? Cause that’s basically what I look for. I look for the challenges.

Quote from Director, Derrick Borte

It was one of those scripts that you can’t put down until you get all the way through to see what happens next. As much as the plot centers on the road rage incident, the story is such a relatable exploration of the tentative threads that hold societies together, and the darker tendencies that lurk beneath the surface in many humans. We’ve all had what we would consider to be ‘bad days,’ and this story takes those impulses to the extreme.”

Quote from Caren Pistorious

You don’t have any idea what somebody else’s world is. It would be so easy to judge ‘The Man’ and Rachel, but they both have, separately, had their worlds falling apart in different ways

Express Movie Review

The opening title sure caught my attention. There was some great editing with scenes of traffic jams, car crashes, and rioting mixed with stories of negative news. It gave off an energy that there is a lot of frustration in the world. It seems perfect for the kind of story you were about to watch.

Russell Crowe is known as ‘The Man’ and he is having a bad morning. Plus…he’s dangerous. When hairdresser Rachel (Caren Pistorius) blares her horn at him, it triggers him and something beyond road rage begins.

Even the cars had personality. I especially enjoyed watching the filming of the huge car versus her small Volvo station wagon. It was superb.

If you are looking for an easy-going action-packed movie, this is a film to watch.

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