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Christmas Abbott
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Discussing Big Brother and Fitness with Christmas Abbott

Today on What On What’s Good with host Jovin Tardif, I am here with Christmas Abbott.  Every year, the Big Brother team travels the country in search of great game players. I always found reality shows to be quite fascinating.  Big Brother features contestants who live together in a house and are isolated from the outside world. There is no access to television, radio, or the Internet. They are continuously monitored by live television cameras and audio microphones. During the competition, contestants play games and are voted out until only one remains and wins the cash prize.  Fun fact: it is actually inspired by George Orwell’s novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. 

In Big Brother 19 hosted by Julie Chen-Moonves (American season), television fans were ready to meet the new houseguests.  We were introduced to Josh Martinez (Haircare sales), Paul Abrahamian (Clothing designer), Kevin Schlehuber (Stay-at-home dad), Alexandra “Alex” Ow (Eco-friendly marketing representative), Raven Walton (Dance teacher), Jason Dent (Rodeo clown), Matthew “Matt” Clines (Renovation consultant), Mark Jansen (Personal trainer), Elena Davies (Radio personality), Cody Nickson (Construction sales representative), Jessica Graf (VIP concierge), Ramses Soto (Cosplay artist), Dominique Cooper (Government engineer), Jillian Parker (Timeshare sales Representative), Megan Lowder (Dog walker), Cameron Heard (Microbiologist) and Christmas Abbott (Fitness superstar). 

We watched in anticipation to see how the houseguests would co-exist and who will make it to the end. Today my guest is Christmas AbbottChristmas Abbott is a professional CrossFit athlete, author of her own dieting and lifestyle books, Olympic weightlifter, and a fitness model. She’s also the first female to become a member of the NASCAR pit crew.  Hmmmm….perhaps the best way to start this interview is with the famous words of FOX Sports’ NASCAR coverage Darrell Waltrip’s “Boogity, boogity, boogity — let’s go racing, drivers!”

My Personal Story... Growing up, I had a normal childhood and was always happy and active. However, this all changed when my older sister and I were involved in a car accident. At the age of 13, I saw my sister fall into a coma due to the injuries from the accident. I was left devastated and scared. I started smoking and drinking every day as a way to blunt out reality. By the time I turned 15, I had developed a habit for these unhealthy activities. This lifestyle lasted for almost 10 years, until my 22nd birthday. Drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes on a daily basis took its toll on my body, as well as my mental health. I was in terrible shape. I had almost a decade of really destroying my body. It was devastating to me. At 22 years old, I couldn’t run a mile and when I finished it, it took me a week to recover from the run. After 22, I decided to take a radical step towards changing my life for the better. I joined my mom and traveled to the Green Zone of Iraq as a civilian contractor. This was my opportunity to get rid of alcohol and cigarettes once and for all. My first month in Iraq was the worst. There was a conflict between the two opposing sides in Iraq near the camp where I was stationed. During this period, I learned a valuable lesson on the importance of health and life in general. I started working out and running with other contractors, in pursuit of being healthy once again. Having adopted a new way of life, I worked hard to achieve my fitness goals. At the age of 26, I returned back to the USA. After I returned back to the U.S, I took what I had learned overseas and started looking for other forms of physical exercise. It was at that point where I discovered CrossFit. Soon I “fell in love” with the challenges that CrossFit brought, and I became more involved with the sport each day. In 2007, I opened my own gym and started a personal training business. Over the years, I accomplished so many things from being the first woman on the NASCAR pit crew to my CrossFit strength records. But my biggest accomplishment occurred in my personal life... becoming a mother has changed everything for me. It was intensely amazing and incredibly HARD becoming a mother to my son, Loyal. I struggled for so long because to this day, it's still just Loyal and I. I remember when I was sleeping on the couch because I couldn’t get in or out of my bed because of my c-section. I was breastfeeding and trying to record how long he was eating and sleeping. I had a night nurse twice a week but otherwise only friends that would stop by. My family came for the birth but had to return to their lives so after the second week Loyal and I were solo. I was still swollen and in chronic pain from the pregnancy making it even more difficult to get around. I recall these perceived negative things because I was strong enough to handle it even though at the time, I didn’t see or know my own strength capacity. I’m so grateful for that struggle, it paved the way for me to truly enjoy life now and be in the present moment. So many things have changed, not only externally, but especially internally and I wouldn’t change a thing.
Christmas Abbott

1. Some may recognize you from CBS Big Brother. Do you still keep in touch with people from the show?

I do! They’re like family. Anyone that has even been on CBS Big Brother is like family. We ALL had such a unique experience together that will always connect us.

2. Can you tell us about your new app Christmas Abbott Rebel Fit?

I just launched a NEW APP!!! Christmas Abbott Rebel Fit. This app is so much simpler and more aligned with a whole health concept. You get amazing effective workouts with entire meal plans that all build on the month before. You can also sign up for a monthly membership and get all the new programs as they are released! There’s a group chat that gives support and guidance as we ALL go through the program together. You also get workout tips and live videos with me regularly! I am in love with how easy this program is to follow and the results it produces are AMAZING!

3. Let’s discuss your background as a professional athlete. Can you tell us about CrossFit Games, Olympic Weightlifting and Nascar Pit Crew?

I wasn’t a high school or collegiate athlete, I found fitness in my mid-twenties and loved how I felt when I was working out and treating my body well. A friend entered me into a CF competition and I did much better than I anticipated! I then got the bug to really play and see what I would be able to achieve through loving the process. That opened the door to NASCAR and I jumped in with excitement just as I did with my first CF workout. As an athlete you have to train smarter than harder. That mindset allowed me to have an amazing career in all three sports and still have a healthy, happy body today.


4. You are a transformational guru. Any tips on how to motivate others to the gym?

DISCIPLINE! Motivation is very short-lived but discipline stays. Using motivation can help, I use it too! But it is a small part of the process. Commit to yourself that you want to do something better for you. Put it on the schedule, make a plan, have an accountability system set up and get it done! Getting on track will help you stay on track. Then the results start rolling in and that is an incredible motivation that YOU made yourself!

5. Just for fun. What is your favourite exercise or routine at the gym?

I really enjoy so many movements!! Some of my top favs are deadlift, snatch, clean & jerk, overhead squat, pistols, muscle-ups…all the ones most people hate!

a gift for you... I share a TON of free workouts on Instagram. I would LOVE for you to follow me and receive free live workouts, pdfs of the moves, videos, and so much more. I share everything you need for a tight booty, sexy abs, lean legs and more! Come on over and check it out! Let's build our best body together.
Christmas Abbott

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