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charities, bees, climate change, cancer, réveillétogether From live music to sing-a-longs, Christmas in the Square is an annual celebration hosted by The Salvation Army to celebrate the Christmas season as well as to kick-off the CTV Toy Mountain Campaign. For more information about Christmas with The Salvation Army, please contact Elena Livertovsky at or 416-321-2654 x210
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Jovin Tardif is a freelance writer, storyteller, interviewer, reviewer and conversation starter.

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Christmas in the Square 2019

I love Christmas, but I also understand the bigger picture. We are all extremely blessed this time of year. We are making our list and checking it twice. Everyone is running around on Black Friday looking for the latest gadgets, new fashion, great deals and gifts for the family. It’s the most wonderful time of the year. However, there are others that aren’t as fortunate. They could be in a tougher situation and they need your help.  After meeting the Salvation Army at Hope in the City, I was informed of another event that was happening in our city on Friday, November 29th, 2019 at Yonge-Dundas Square, 1 Dundas St E, Toronto. Starting at 11:30 am, you can head over to Yonge-Dundas Square, enjoy the festivities, a warm cup of hot chocolate and hang out with your friends at CTV and the Salvation Army. You had the opportunity to participate in sing-alongs to Celebrate Christmas in the Square. I also learned that it was the kick-off to the CTV Toy Mountain Campaign. Honestly, this touched my heart.

I arrived at around 4:45 pm and when I walked out of the subway, I was smiling from cheek to cheek when I saw a massive red bell across the street. I went over as quickly as I can to capture the moment Christmas in the Square.  I also wanted to have a bit of fun on social media. I played a little game called “Catch me if you can” with my friends at the Salvation Army. Hmmm…I am still wondering if they caught me yet.

I had to leave for a few moments as I had to catch up with a friend of mine Nick Purdy at We spoke online but we wanted to meet in person after having such a fun #cinqque5tion interview at We had a discussion over a craft beer at Dukes Refresher at 382 Yonge Street. They happen to be raising money for Movember and I wanted to show my support and of course, meet my new friend Nick in person.

I returned as fast as I could in order to catch a short glimpse of Juno Award-Winning Dru Grange on stage singing to the crowd a little after 5:30 p.m. As you may or may not know, I love filming. So I decided to do a Live Feed of the event on Facebook. As I was walking around, I felt a buzz in the air. As I made my way around the Toronto crowd, I decided for some reason to make my way to the left side of the stage. My gut felt like something special was about to happen.

I am not sure how or why I did this but I am glad I did. In a moment that I will probably never forget, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau came out of nowhere with presents in hand and he noticed I was filming and happened to say “Hey there”. I was stunned but as a filmmaker, but I remained cool and kept filming in order to capture the moment. I decided at this point perhaps I will just hang out here. Who knows what will happen next. As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau left the stage to exit, I happen to be filming again but this time, I got to shake his hand. Let’s just say I was not expecting that. Again, I remained calm and I continued to film as everyone was heading over to get a selfie or a moment with our Prime Minister. I kept rolling the tape and I made my way around the crowd to get another moment. I tapped Justin Trudeau on the shoulder and said: “Thank you and Happy Holidays”. He smiled.

I will probably remember this moment for a long time. On July 1st, my photo was selected on Twitter by Canada and bless their hearts. Yesterday, I got a moment with our Prime Minister and I learned that we need to #reveilletogether.

If you are able, please give hope today. Contact the Salvation Army and help support others this holiday season.

Toy Mountain is back. Help support the 24th annual Toy Campaign with a new, unwrapped toy, teen gift or cash donation. For more information about the Toy Campaign, or for more details

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Jovin Tardif is a freelance writer, storyteller, interviewer, reviewer and conversation starter.

Latest posts by Jovin Tardif (see all)

By Jovin Tardif

Jovin Tardif is a freelance writer, storyteller, interviewer, reviewer and conversation starter.