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TESTIMONIALS Hi. Welcome. I’ve been singing since I can remember and started acting out stories around the same time. My dad taught me folk and world music, while my mother put me into classical voice lessons. I went to the Mount Royal Conservatory of Music to study vocal performance and then onto the University of Manitoba for the same thing. I do a lot of performing in traditional spaces like churches, theatres and concert halls, but some of my favourite performances were in an abandoned funeral home, a bookstore speakeasy, a private condo, a secret theatre above a grocery store and a nightclub. If there’s a live project I’m excited about, I’ll meet you nearly anywhere. My focus is 16th & 17th Century music, particularly Italian early baroque, but I love singing just about everything from Puccini to Cole Porter. I’ve collaborated as a soloist with ensembles like Musicians on the Edge, Venetia Antiqua Ensemble, Capella Intima, Toronto Continuo Collective, Gallery Players of Niagara, Cardinal Consort of Viols, and the Sneak Peek Orchestra; and performed in a number of music festivals; Hammer Baroque, Toronto Early Music Centre, Bach Festival Canada, Rassegna organistica “Giuseppe Zelioli”, Festival internazionale di musica Cinque Terre, and Festival organistico internazionale Gaetano Callido Venezia. With the generous support of the Canada Council for the Arts, I’ve participated in nine international music festivals across Italy, touring with organist Luciano Zecca. This is the kind of thing I really love to do, collaborating with fellow musicians and sharing gorgeous music. Some roles I’ve performed include Donna Elvira (Don Giovanni - Mozart), Musetta (La bohème - Puccini), Pallade (Paride ed Elena – Gluck), Dafne (Gli amori d’Apollo e di Dafne – Cavalli), Adina (L'elisir d'amore – Donizetti), Minerva/Amor (Il ritorno d'Ulisse in patria –Monteverdi), Casilda (The Gondoliers – Gilbert and Sullivan), Queen of the Night (The Magic Flute – Mozart), Adrianna (The Boys from Syracuse – Rodgers & Hart). On screen, you may have seen me summoned by Christopher Lloyd only to be shot moments later in the series 12 Monkeys. Or begging for my life in Flashpoint . Then there was the time someone actually did finish me off in an episode Angela’s Eyes, before dumping my body in garbage chute. In Murdoch Mysteries I eluded and confounded the Toronto Constabulary (at least for a while). Even cooler, I was the only person to bring Hannibal Lecter to tears during the entire run of the much-lauded NBC series.
Thank you very much for your thoughtful questions and your support of my work!  You are clearly passionate about the arts and elevating those of us working in this field. 

Emily Klassen 

TESTIMONIALS“I had a fantastic time chatting with Jovin during my #cinqque5tion interview for Jovin is easy to talk to you and shows a genuine interest in other people’s projects, which is exactly what WhatOnWhatsGood is really all about. It’s the sort of conversation you feel comfortable enough going on about over more than one pint: perfectly suited to my project at Thanks for a fun and engaging discussion, Jovin – I’m looking forward to the next one!”

Nick Purdy, Founder, PairingwithBeer

tESTIMONIALS Sasha Stoltz Nominated for the award: Entrepreneurship and Business Company: Sasha Stoltz Publicity/Have Faith Productions Position: Publicist/Executive Producer Website: linkedIn: Biography: With a background deeply rooted in the business community, Sasha comes with a “both feet on the ground" quality that her clients have come to depend on. From a young age, Sasha was fully entrenched in several successful family owned businesses, retail, finance and filmmaking, where it wasn't long before she found her niche. Sasha took on event planning for the ReelWorld Film Festival, and quickly moved into the role of festival publicist and personal publicist for Actress Tonya Lee Williams. Sasha's first solo entry into film publicity was in 2009, as unit publicist for Toronto Icon director Bruce McDonald's film Pontypool and she hasn't stopped since. It's her personal touch to every detail and her ability to stay calm and poised no matter the circumstance that has helped to make Sasha a respected Publicist. Recently the Toronto International Film Festival asked Sasha to be one of their official Publicists. Sasha has become the "go to" Publicist in Toronto, able to "turn on a dime” no matter the budget. Sasha's ability to connect and hold on to relationships has been key to the success of her clients. Sasha is also executive producer and Publicist for Have Faith Productions, a film company she runs with her mother, screenwriter/producer, Lynne Stoltz. Have Faith Productions recent project, the feature film "Sons 2 The Grave,” is due out in theaters this summer. They are currently in development for their TV series "Hudson."
 “Always on point and professional. Jovin does his research to get the ultimate result!” Sasha Stoltz, Sasha Stoltz Publicity


Gianluca Olmastroni #whatonwhatsgood

His passion is in helping people become their best. He’s an absolute pleasure to know and to work with

Sal Piccolo Fitness Manager, The Granite Club

cinqque5tion2019 filmmakers, musicians, producers, authors, actors, athletes, writers, composers, broadcasters, and more.
He has a passion for sports and entertainment both worldwide and local that drives his ambition to support artists and athletes to spread their message in an accessible and relatable manner.

Jessica Danov Actress, Writer, Producer

Thank you so much for your continued support!! Much Respect!

Rob Kerr, Salvation Army Toronto

Ronnie LittleJohn at JAZZ.FM91 | Canada’s jazz station


Lynz Crichton


Suzanne Pratley

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