9-1-1 Lone Star - Season 2 Updates

9-1-1 Lone Star (Season 2) Updates

Check out the 9-1-1 Lone Star S2 Updates below that includes the question(s) we ask ourselves before the episode begins and photos from the series.

205 Difficult Conversations 9-1-1 Lone Star
205 Difficult Conversations 9-1-1 Lone Star

About the Show

9-1-1 Lone Star is a spin-off of the television series 9-1-1.  Rob Lowe stars as Owen Strand (Robe Lowe), firefighter captain. Ronen Rubinstein plays TK Strand, Owen Strand’s son. TK is a firefighter and paramedic who joins his father’s team. Lone Star adds Captain Tommy Vega (Gina Torres) to the 126 in Season 2 with the departure of Michelle Blake (Liv Tyler).

The series also stars Sierra McClain as Grace Ryder, Jim Parrack as Judson “Judd” Ryder, Natacha Karam as Marjan Marwani, and Brian Michael Smith as Paul Strickland.

‘9-1-1 Lone Star’ airs on Mondays on CTV at 9 pm.  Also available on FOX.

206 Everyone and Their Brother 9-1-1 Lone Star
206 Everyone and Their Brother 9-1-1 Lone Star

What happened in Season 1?

It follows a similar format to “9-1-1”.   We first learn about Owen Strand (Robe Lowe).  He is the lone survivor of a Manhattan firehouse on 9/11.  We quickly learn that he has lung cancer.  He has a son named T.K. (Rubinstein) who happens to be a recovering opioid addict.
Near the beginning of season 1, he attempts to harm himself.  Strand decides to move with his son to Austin.

After a horrible tragedy Strand has to rebuild his station.  Michelle Blake is the chief paramedic Michelle Blake (Liv Tyler) who happens to be looking for her missing sister Isis.  Other team members include police officer Carlos Reyes (Rafael Silva), firefighter Marjan Marwani (Natacha Karam), firefighter Paul Strickland (Brian Michael Smith), rookie Mateo Chavez (Julian Works), firefighter Judd Ryder (Jim Parrack), and his wife, 9-1-1 call center operator Grace (Sierra McClain).

Brian Michael Smith, Natacha Karam and Julian Works in ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ season 2 episode 4 Photo Courtesy of Bell Media

9-1-1 Lone Star S2 Updates

201 “Back in the Saddle”

How will the team deal with a rogue military tanker on the loose? Who is Tommy Vega?

202 “2100°”

Will the team, after a volcanic eruption, be able to save a college pool party and a woman trapped in her food truck by a horde of scorpions before it is too late?

203 “Hold the Line”

What will happen when Los Angeles firefighters Evan “Buck” Buckley, Eddie Diaz and Hen Wilson travel to Texas and meet Owen, TK and the rest of the first responders to assist in putting out a wildfire that is out of control?

204 “Friends with Benefits”

Is TK and Carlos’s relationship okay? What news does Gwyneth have for Owen?

205 “Difficult Conversations”

What will Owen and Gwyneth decide their pregnancy? What will TK, Marjan and Paul think of Mateo’s tattoo?

206 “Everyone and Their Brother”

How will TK and Owen put their lives in jeopardy when saving two brothers trapped in a minefield? How will Grace handle a 911 call involving conjoined twins with one of them choking?

207 “Displaced”

Why does Tommy feel left out when her husband takes full charge of their children? How will TK perform on his first day as a paramedic?

208 “Bad Call”

How will Owen and Carlos track TK, Tommy and Nancy after getting kidnapped?

208 bad call 9-1-1 lone star
208 bad call 9-1-1 lone star

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