Bull Season 5 Updates

Bull is a legal drama TV series on CBS. The show is also available on Global TV in Canada.


It stars Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull.  He works with his team of experts at Trial Analysis Corporation who uses multiple strategies to try to win over jurors.  The team includes TAC’s in-house counsel Benny Colón, neuro-linguistics expert Marissa Morgan, former NYPD detective Danny James, and Chunk Palmer who just recently passed the bar exam.

Series casts

Michael Weatherly as Dr. Jason Bull
Freddy Rodriguez as Benny Colon
Geneva Carr as Marissa Morgan
Jaime Lee Kirchner as Danny James
Christopher Jackson as Chunk Palmer
MacKenzie Meehan as Taylor Rentzel

Bull on CBS Season 5 Episodes

Check out the updates for CBS Bull below that includes the question(s) we ask ourselves before the episode begins and photos from the episodes.

501 “My Corona”

Air date: November 16, 2020

How will Bull and the TAC team adjust to a virtual court system?

502 “The Great Divide”

Air date: November 23, 2020

What will happen when Benny represents the plaintiff and Chunk represents the defendant in the same civil lawsuit?

503 “Prison Break”

Air date: November 30, 2020

How will Bull help Chunk to represent a woman accused of killing a guard while trying to escape during a prison transport?

504 “The Ex Factor”

Air date: December 14, 2020

Can Bull and Benny help Marissa and her estranged husband after being charged with money laundering and fraud? What is going on in Bull and Izzy’s (Benny’s sister) relationship?

505 “Fallen Idols”

Air date: January 4, 2021

Did a religious leader kill his wife?

506 “To Save a Life”

Air date: January 18, 2021

Can Chunk and the team help an emergency room doctor being sued for malpractice?

507 “The Head of the Goat”

Air date: January 25, 2021

Can Benny and the team defend a women in a federal case where her husband is accused of domestic terrorism?

508 “Cloak and Beaker”

Air date: February 8, 2021

How will Benny defend a man accused of stealing his own scientific research?

509 “The Bad Client”

Air date: February 22, 2021

What happens when a controversial news commentator blames someone on air of murder?

510 “The Boy Who Cried Murder”

Air date: March 15, 2021

Will Bull be able to exhume Izzy’s best friend’s body?

511 “Truth and Reconciliation”

Air date: April 12, 2021

How and why was TAC created?

512 “Evidence to the Contrary”

Air date: April 19, 2021

Can the TAC team help a Black Lives Matter activist?

513 “Law of the Jungle”

Air date: April 26, 2021

What happens when a woman goes against legal advice when she insists on pleading guilty to the murder of a wealthy philanthropist who preyed on her a teenager?

514 “Under the Influence”

Air date: May 3, 2021

Will Chunk help his daughter, Anna, to represent a teenager on trial for robbery? Will the defendant name his accomplice?

515 “Snatchback”

Air date: May 10, 2021

Can TAC help Hank Alston, a child recovery agent charged with fraud for not having documented proof of his covert work? Will Benny hit back against his opponent in the District Attorney race?

516 “A Friend in Need”

Air date: May 17, 2021

Why is Izzy putting the brakes on her wedding with Bull?


The series was renewed for a sixth season.

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