CSI: Vegas – Season 1 – New Series

CSI: Vegas is the sequel to the CBS’ global hit CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (CSI and CSI: Las Vegas). It opens a brand-new chapter in Las Vegas.


The show will be available on Wednesdays on Global TV at 10pm.


William Petersen as Gil Grissom
Jorja Fox as Sara Sidle
Wallace Langham as David Hodges
Paula Newsome as Maxine Roby (head of Vegas Crime Lab)
Matt Lauria as Joshua Folsom (a Level III CSI)
Mandeep Dhillon as Allie Rajan (a Level II CSI)
Mel Rodriguez as Hugo Ramirez (Head Medical Examiner)


Facing an existential threat that could bring down the entire Crime Lab and release thousands of convicted killers back onto the neon-lit streets of Vegas, a brilliant new team of investigators led by Maxine Roby (Paula Newsome) must enlist the help of old friends, Gil Grissom (William Petersen), Sara Sidle (Jorja Fox) and David Hodges (Wallace Langham).

Other notes

Jason Tracey serves as executive producer

Showrunner Jerry Bruckheimer, Jonathan Littman, KristieAnne Reed, Anthony Zuiker, Carol Mendelsohn, Ann Donahue, Craig O’Neill, William Petersen and Cindy Chvatal are also executive producers.

Uta Briesewitz is an executive producer and directed (initial episode only) from a script by Tracey.

The series is produced by CBS Studios in association with Jerry Bruckheimer Television.

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation is was originally on CBS from October 6, 2000 to September 27, 2015. They had 15 seasons.

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