NBC Superstore on Season 6 Updates

NBC Superstore is a TV comedy series. We are headed into the Season 6 of the show.  It returns on October 29 on NBC.   The show is about a unique group of employees who work at a megastore Cloud 9.  The store is located in St Louis, Missouri.  Together the employees tackle the day-to-day grind.   The show is created by Justin Spitzer.


The cast of Superstore

America Ferrera (Episode 1 & 2), Ben Feldman, Lauren Ash, Colton Dunn, Nico Santos, Nichole Sakura, Kaliko Kauahi and Mark McKinney

America Ferrera will be departing the show after the first two episodes of the sixth season to wrap up her storyline.

About Season 6 of the series

It seems like the first episode of Season 6 will focus on Cloud 9 employees dealing with COVID-19.  They will need to discuss the new work protocols in order to stay safe.  Amy is also starting a new job in California.  Will she be able to take on the new job or continue to be the store manager? Looks like Cheyenne and Sandra are hiding toilet paper and other essential products so they could purchase them later.

In Season 6, we will see the 100th episode of the series.

Superstore Season 6 Episodes

Check out the NBC Superstore Season 6 Updates below that includes the question(s) we ask ourselves before the episode begins and notes from the co-showrunners.

601 – “Essential”

Air date: October 29, 2020

Can Amy and Jonah bring order to Cloud 9 during the coronavirus pandemic?

602 – “California (Part 2)”

Air date: November 5, 2020

Can Mateo and Glenn work together to organize a video tribute for Amy and Jonah?

603 – “Floor Supervisor”

Air date: November 12, 2020

Will Jonah get the floor supervisor position?

604 – “Prize Wheel”

Air date: November 19, 2020

What will Dina be like running the store? What’s the mysterious smell that Garrett and Cheyenne are investigating?

605 – “Hair Care Products”

Air date: January 14, 2021

How will Cloud 9 employees deal with a change of policy by corporate?

606 – “Biscuit”

Air date: January 21, 2021

What will Glen be like after returning from quarantine? Will Dina relinquish her control?

607 – “The Trough”

Air date: January 28, 2021

How is Jonah coping without Amy?  Can Cheyenne and Carol get along for a day?  How will Garrett help Dina?

608 – “Ground Rules”

Air date: February 4, 2021

What will Sandra’s son Tony be like working at Cloud 9?  How will Jonah get in trouble with Sandra and Glenn? Will Mateo be able to help Cheyenne be a better floor supervisor? How will Garrett get in the middle of Dina and Brian’s relationship?

609 – “Conspiracy”

Air date: February 11, 2021

Can Sandra and Marcus help Glenn who is confused by Zephra’s new store policies?

610 – “Depositions”

Air date: February 25, 2021

Can Jonah ease Glenn’s nerves?

611 – “Deep Cleaning”

Air date: March 4, 2021

Will Garrett throwing a good party for the employees? Will Cheyenne’s guidance help Dina’s ability to run the store? Can Jonah help Mateo?

612 – “Customer Satisfaction”

Air date: March 11, 2021

Can Garrett help Mateo hide his relationship with Eric? Can Jonah convince workers to value themselves?

613 – “Lowell Anderson”

Air date: March 18, 2021

Can Garrett help Dina navigate a tricky situation with Brian?

614 – “Perfect Store”

Air date: March 25, 2021

Can the Cloud 9 employees make the store seem perfect for one day?

615 – “All Sales Final”

Air date: March 25, 2021

What can we expect from Cloud 9 crew during the emotional series finale?

Quote from co-showrunners Jonathan Green and Gabe Miller re: episode 1 & 2

There was so much we wanted to explore with COVID and how it changes the world of Cloud 9 that we decided to focus on that in the premiere, with Amy starting her new job remotely while still trying to manage the store,

The second episode will cover Amy’s last day at Cloud 9, so we can fully give her the sendoff she deserves.

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