The Rookie Season 3 updates

The Rookie is a crime drama TV series. Season 3 will premieres on ABC on January 3, 2021. The series is also available on CTV in Canada. 


Nathan Fillion plays John Nolan in The Rookie. In Season 1, we learn that Nolan always wanted to be a police officer.  He joins the Los Angeles Police Department late in his life. John is the oldest rookie on the team.

Cast Members

Nathan Fillion as John Nolan
Alyssa Diaz as Angela Lopez
Richard T. Jones as Wade Grey
Titus Makin Jr. as Jackson West
Melissa O’Neil as Lucy Chen
Eric Winter as Tim Bradford
Mekia Cox as Nyla Harper


301 “Consequences”

Air date: January 3, 2021

302 “In Justice”

Air date: January 10, 2021

303 “La Fiera”

Air date: January 17, 2021

304 “Sabotage”

Air date: January 24, 2021

305 “Lockdown”

Air date: February 14, 2021

306 “Revelations”

Air date: February 21, 2021

307 “True Crime”

Air date: February 28, 2021

308 “Bad Blood”

Air date: March 28, 2021

309 “Amber”

Air date: April 4, 2021

310 “Man of Honor”

Air date: April 11, 2021

311 “New Blood”

Air date: April 18, 2021

312 “Brave Heart”

Air date: May 2, 2021

313 “Triple Duty”

Air date: May 9, 2021

314 “Threshold”

Air date: May 16, 2021

Quotes from different cast members

Below are some comments from Nathan Fillion, Titus Makin, and Mekia Cox about Season 3

Nathan Fillion quote about The Rookie Season 3

We want to humanize this job we want to honor the job but at the same time show you that these are actual people real-life people struggling with real-life issues

Titus Makin quote about The Rookie Season 3

Meeting a lot of cops and knowing that we have a responsibility to them a responsibility to the viewers so the fact that we’re taking on big topics is exactly what I think we should be doing this.

Mekia Cox quote about The Rookie Season 3

This whole situation is extremely complicated. We don’t have the answers we are still seeking and looking for those solutions and i think you can see that in the show.

Quotes from Executive Producers and Co-Producer

Here are a few quotes from Executive Producers Alexi Hawley and Terence Paul Winter and Co-Producer Fredrick Kotto.

Alexi Hawley Executive Producer quote about The Rookie Season 3

When I created the show a few years ago it was important to me that the show be aspirational in nature to show an inclusive cast of actors who looked and felt like Los Angeles going out there to do the job the right way but coming into season three it definitely felt like we really needed to honor the conversations that were going on in the wake of George Floyd’s death by digging into some of these bigger issues.

Terence Paul Winter Executive Producer quote about The Rookie Season 3

What we have this season is an opportunity to address a lot of the problems that are going on in policing we’re trying to cover it through every single episode we do this season and we’re doing it in a way where we’re blending in real drama you know real storytelling with our characters and we’re taking them all on a journey.

Fredrick Kotto Co-Producer quote about The Rookie Season 3

Being honest and addressing some of the issues in an honest way is not just one of the strengths of the show. I think now more than ever kind of an obligation.


There will be a fourth season of the series.

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