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What on What’s Good has a demonstrated history in the film, entertainment, fitness, parks, recreation, sports and small & large business industries. What on What’s Good works collaboratively with individuals and companies to help create positive and/or informative content. Currently, ‘What on What’s Good’ has created stories, film, event and festival reviews & interviews with multiple industries. However, this is just the beginning. Stay tuned to see what’s next. #whatonwhatsgood

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Click on the photo to see #cinqque5tion 2020

#cinqque5tion are fun interviews with filmmakers, musicians, producers, actors, actresses, athletes, writers, composers, broadcasters and many more to tell their story. A chance to get to know them better.

Stories include:

#cinqque5tion with Juno Award Winning Artist Humble

#cinqque5tion with UK Musician Sad Luv

#cinqque5tion with Actor and Comedian Jonathan Mangum

#cinqque5tion with Canadian rapper Choclair

#cinqque5tion with Author, Radio Personality Erin Davis

#cinqque5tion with Modern Day Dolittle Meg Lisa Vickell

#cinqque5tion with Canadian experimental band Acid Test

#cinqque5tion with Entertainers Sharon and Bram

#cinqque5tion with Comedian Rebecca Reeds

#cinqque5tion with Publicist Sasha Stoltz

#cinqque5tion with Not your typical digital services provider Toronto Mike

#cinqque5tion with Founder, CEO and Serial Enterpreneur Jennifer Huggins (Fight to End Cancer)

#cinqque5tion with Promotions at Warner Music Canada Erik Hodgson

#cinqque5tion with Comedian and Actress Melissa Shoshahi


Click on the photo to see #cinqque5tion 2019

#cinqque5tion 2019 are interviews in 2019 with exceptional individuals.

Stories include:

#cinqque5tion with Composer James Warren Morris

#cinqque5tion with Author Armanda Lambert

#cinqque5tion with Empty Cup Media Colin and Carla

#cinqque5tion with Writer, Director, Producer MAD Resilience Films Mark Datuin

#cinqque5tion with Actress Suzanne Pratley

#cinqque5tion with Actor Michael Chan

#cinqque5tion with Producer, Director, Writer Andre Gaumond

#cinqque5tion with Filmmaker and Editor Gianluca Olmastroni

#cinqque5tion with Nice2Sparkle Studios Jennifer Boorman

#cinqque5tion with Actor, Director, Stunts Tazito Garcia

#cinqque5tion with Battle Sports, Co-Founder Jimmy Cheung

#cinqque5tion with Actor. Artist, Director, Producer, VO Actor Wendy Keeling

#cinqque5tion with City TV Breakfast Television host Roger Petersen

#cinqque5tion with Musician, Songwriter Lynz Crichton

#cinqque5tion with DJ, Producer and Artist 4Korners

#cinqque5tion with Photographer Leah Denbok

#cinqque5tion with Director Jessica Gibson

#cinqque5tion with Actor Robert Lee

#cinqque5tion with Actress/Writer/Producer Jessica Danov

#cinqque5tion with Jazz.FM91 Gumbo Kitchen Fridays 9PM Ronnie LittleJohn

#cinqque5tion with Founder and CEO of Open Screenplay Khaled Sabawi

#cinqque5tion with Connect in the 6 & Lalina Cosmetics Aline Kurik

#cinqque5tion with PairingwithBeer Nick Purdy

#cinqque5tion with Photographer Lisa-Marie McGinn

#cinqque5tion with Actress Micah Kalisch


Click on the photo to #réveillétogether

#réveillétogether explores stories that are impacting the world and how we can help.

Stories include:

#réveillétogether with Founder of 3eehive Tyler Simpson

#réveillétogether Hope in the City The Salvation Army

#réveillétogether Christmas in the Square


click on the photo to #liveintheprésent

#liveintheprésent describes what goes on in the mind of a storyteller at events, festivals or behind-the-scenes.

Stories include:

#liveintheprésent Behind-the-Scenes at Open World Toronto Film Festival (OWTFF)

#liveintheprésent Ontario Science Centre 50th Anniversary

#liveintheprésent Trebas Toronto Graduation 2019

#liveintheprésent What the Toronto Blue Jays symbolize

#liveintheprésent BT Toronto – Pinch me, I must be dreaming

#liveintheprésent TIFF 19 Coming Home Again Review

#liveintheprésent The Movie Expo 2019 Toronto, Ontario, Canada

#liveintheprésent TIFF 2019 Live from the Red Carpet A BEAUTIFUL DAY IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD

#liveintheprésent The Last Full Measure Experience

#liveintheprésent 90th Anniversary & Tree Lighting Ceremony

#liveintheprésent Kim’s Convenience Review JFL42

#liveintheprésent A Christmas Chalet Review

#liveintheprésent: Academy Museum of Motion Pictures to open to the public on Monday, December 14, 2020

#liveinthprésent: An intimate evening with Spike Lee


click on the photo to view published work

Published work is a section of some of the work published by What on What’s Good.

Stories include:

Published the16percent

Published Distillery District Magazine Aruba Romance on one happy island


click on the photo to see appearances

Appearances are those “moments” in the entertainment industry where founder Jovin Tardif appeared on the screen.

2 appearances on Breakfast Television Toronto

2 gifs for Kim’s Convenience on all social media platforms. Check kimbits.


click on photo to read and watch testimonials

Testimonials – individuals or groups discuss their thoughts on their experience with #whatonwhatsgood


Testimonial by Gianluca Olmastroni about #whatonwhatsgood
Testimonial from Lynz Crichton #whatonwhatsgood
Testimonial from Ronnie LittleJohn #whatonwhatsgood
Testimonial from Suzanne Pratley #whatonwhatsgood

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What on What’s Good – By the Numbers (Updated 1/28/2020)

Increased a companies Instagram followers by 10 times the amount in less than 6 months.

Google Maps reviews have reached 190,740+ views.

Google Maps photos are now at 518,975+ views.

What On What’s Good has over 25+ #cinqque5tion interviews, 3 #reveilletogether stories, 10+ #liveinthepresent moments, 1 published story, 3 appearances on television and 2 #kimbits gifs (Kim’s convenience) available on all platforms.

Thank you to everyone who has participated or had a look at my work. More fun content coming soon. Please tell others.

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