#cinqque5tion x 2 with Canadian Indie Pop Artist Prescilla Una (by: Jovin Tardif)

I am just going to say it. I am not George Stroumboulopoulos, but I watched the way George would interview individuals on MuchMusic when I was growing up and I simply just loved his look, style and his interviewing abilities. Why did I start the story this way? The reason why I am mentioning StromboContinue reading “#cinqque5tion x 2 with Canadian Indie Pop Artist Prescilla Una (by: Jovin Tardif)”


liveinthepresent: AN INTIMATE EVENING WITH SPIKE LEE by: Jovin Tardif

Let me start off by giving thanks. It was a true honour to be able to be in the same room as Spike Lee. For those who may not know Spike Lee, Spike is an American film director, producer, writer, and actor. His production company, 40 Acres and a Mule Filmworks, has produced more thanContinue reading “liveinthepresent: AN INTIMATE EVENING WITH SPIKE LEE by: Jovin Tardif”

#cinqque5tion with Erin Davis

by: Jovin Tardif Today is World Radio Day and my guest today is longtime host of 98.1 CHFI’s Morning Show, Erin Davis. Here are a few fun facts that you may or may not know about Erin Davis. Erin is a 2020 inductee into the Canadian Broadcasting Hall of Fame, an emcee, a keynote speakerContinue reading “#cinqque5tion with Erin Davis”

#liveintheprésent: Academy Museum of Motion Pictures to open to the public on Monday, December 14, 2020

by: Jovin Tardif You may have heard Tom Hanks announcement at the 92th Academy Awards ceremony. I knocked on a few doors and reached out to the Academy to get a little bit more information. Guess what? It’s true. The Academy Museum of Motion Pictures will be open to the public on Monday December 14,Continue reading “#liveintheprésent: Academy Museum of Motion Pictures to open to the public on Monday, December 14, 2020”

cinqque5tion with Sasha Stoltz

by: Jovin Tardif This weekend, I was asked to be a VIP and watch upcoming Canadian talent. The process of finding talent is so fascinating. I was so honoured to be selected. On Friday evening, I sat down with the owner and host of the event who was trying to pick my brain. He asked:Continue reading “cinqque5tion with Sasha Stoltz”

#cinqque5tion with Melissa Shoshahi

(The crowd applauds as Rebecca Reeds leaves the stage) As the host of the show tonight, I ran back to the stage to continue comedy week on What on What’s Good. While pointing to the audience. I yelled out: “What did you think of Rebecca Reeds everyone? Let’s give her another round of applause” (TheContinue reading “#cinqque5tion with Melissa Shoshahi”

#cinqque5tion with Rebecca Reeds

by: Jovin Tardif When I was a teenager, I was blessed to go to summer camp. From what I can remember, my parents would drive east and leave us at a school in Quebec. It was a chance to meet other people, practice our french and wear a purple shirt. In the past, I wouldContinue reading “#cinqque5tion with Rebecca Reeds”

#cinqque5tion with Choclair

by: Jovin Tardif This should probably answer Clue 13 on the #jovin40bdayhunt on Instagram.‘Where you went to school and met your friends. (French to English school) Answer: Etienne Brule & York Mills Collegiate I’m at the basketball court shooting hoops, when a friend of mine with a group of other friends drove up in hisContinue reading “#cinqque5tion with Choclair”

cinqque5tion with Erik Hodgson

by: Jovin Tardif With the 62nd GRAMMY Awards just wrapping up on January 26, I thought I would make a create a moment. I love music and I figured I would march into Warner Music Canada to have a quick conversation. I walked down the hallway and saw posters on the wall of my idolsContinue reading “cinqque5tion with Erik Hodgson”

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