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Today on What On What’s Good, I am here with recording artist Dillin Hoox.  Dillin new track “PROBLEM” feat. Rick Ross and Sam Hoss.  In his debut album, “Life As I Know It” went to No. 8 on iTunes Canada’s Top albums chart for Hip Hop/Rap.  Fun fact: Hoox caught the attention of one the most popular hip-hop artists of all-time when he earned the number 1 spot on Snoop Dogg’s Underground Heat web series. Dillin’s song also aired on Snoop’s GGN network during the Doggfather’s interview with late-night host Jimmy Kimmel. The rap star and TV host also promoted Hoox’s music on Twitter and Facebook.  How cool is that? In this interview with Dillin Hoox, we learn about Hoox’s musical background, poetry, his musical influences, a Snoop Dogg story, and his new track “PROBLEM”.


1. How you were introduced to music and can we get some background on your family of poets?

I started writing my own songs after I heard The Marshall Mathers LP by Eminem. The intricacy of his wordplay inspired me to create. My grandfather and my mom both have a series of published Kurdish poetry books… I guess it’s in my blood… It just took a little Slim Shady to bring it out.

2. Do you have any artists that influenced your career?

Although I loved Eminem’s creativity when it came to putting words together, I was heavily influenced by music with a message. I loved the idea of meaningful music. Artists like Immortal Technique and Vinnie Paz played their part as some of my influences.

3. What did you think when you got Snoop Dogg’s attention?

I was scrolling through my Facebook timeline and I saw Snoop Dogg posted my picture. Jumped on Twitter and he tweeted my name and mentioned me taking the #1 spot on his show, Underground Heat. I was… excited, to say the least. That inspired me to keep working on my craft. A few months later, my cousin messaged me and said to check out the GGN interview with Jimmy Kimmel. Snoop played my song during the weather segment. I have so much respect for Snoop. The song that took the #1 spot on his show and he later promoted in his interview with Jimmy Kimmel addresses poverty, GMOs, private prisons, private banks… for a mainstream artist to shine a light on it, is amazing!

4. How would you describe your style of music?

In my earlier years, I would say that lyricism was most important to me. Nowadays I try to deliver a smooth melodic hook on every song and I still make sure my verses hit hard. I try to always deliver a message through my music. Conscious music is what you can always expect from me.

5. What can you tell us about “PROBLEM” feat Rick Ross & Sam Hoss?

‘Problem’ is full of different flows and cadences. Rick Ross is one of the most consistent rappers in the game. He does not disappoint and Sam Hoss is a young gunner that proves he can hang with top tier spitters.

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