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Today on What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, my guest is Jennifer Huggins, Huggins is the owner of Kingsway Boxing, Founder Fight to End Cancer, President of Boxing Ontario, a Referee and Judge (AIBA Boxing). But wait, there’s more. Fun fact, she also travels the world performing with a World Class Magician.


1.Can you tell us more about Kingsway Boxing Club in Toronto, Canada? What do you offer?

In 2005, after running my boxing programs across the province through various fitness facilities, I finally decided to start my own club. It wasn’t much when I first opened, I didn’t even plan on having classes. My ‘gym’ was just an apartment on the second floor of a beauty and hair salon. Within a couple of months, I had run out of space, and was running full classes for kids, teens and adults! To my surprise, people LOVED boxing!

Today, Kingsway Boxing Club operates out of two locations in the West End of Toronto. We offer programs for everyone of every age, experience and fitness level.

I feel honoured to share a sport with the community that has given so much, to so many!

2. For those who may be new to boxing, how would you define 1-star, 2-star, 3-star referees?

International officials are classified by levels that determine where they will be assigned to work. 1-Star Officials can referee and judge Dual Matches between countries, 2-Stars will be allowed to referee Continental Tournaments and 3-Stars are able to work world championships and Olympic level.

3. How do you become a 3-Star International Boxing Referee?

Just like any other achievement, you need to work hard, be devoted and stay educated in your field. Once you become a national-level official in your country, it’s possible you will be recommended to the next level. It’s important to be heavily involved with local and national competitions to stay current and visible to your organization. Hard Work Pays Off!

4. What are the typical duties and responsibilities of a judge at the international level? What do you look for in a match?

Officials are working with the best of the best in the sport. Athletes have devoted their entire lives to the three rounds they will spend in front of you. Judges must focus and apply the scoring criteria correctly and fairly. Referees must make important decisions within a split second at times. As an official in the sport of boxing, focus is everything. Judges protect the career of the boxer. Referees protect the lives of the boxer.

5. You are the founder and CEO of the Fight To End Cancer. How can we help?

The Fight To End Cancer is everyone’s fight! Cancer does not discriminate, it travels to every country and can affect us at any age. Whether you’re willing to step into the ring and literally knock out the disease, or if your company is interested in creating a campaign to raise awareness, we NEED you! Visit to see how you can join the Fight To End Cancer!

6. You travel the world performing with a World Class Magician Richard Forget. Any fun stories?

As the saying goes… I can’t give away any of my secrets!

Since I was 20 years old, I’ve had the honour of performing on some of the grandest stages around the world. However, the true magic comes from the moments we’ve shared behind the scenes, off stage.

One of my favourite stories comes from when we were in Cairo, performing for the President of Egypt. We only had one day to explore, and since this was our second time visiting and we’d already done the pyramids, we decided we would find our way downtown to hang out with friends.

Did you know even know that Egypt had Ubers? They also have 10 lanes of traffic in each direction with no painted lines, and their speed limit is only determined by the abilities of the vehicle.

Long story short, we found ourselves reversing on a 20 lane highway (at least we were on the shoulder), with 10 diagonal lanes of oncoming traffic. I forgot to mention, exits are approximately 100 kilometres apart on Egyptian highways, so it totally makes sense that our Uber driver made the back travel of only 2 kilometres with oncoming traffic.

The magical moment came when Richard, looked at me and said: “We’re going to die!”

It was in that moment that I realized that I had lived nothing short of a great life, NOT that I was ready to die… But hey, I’ve seen the world, I’ve dedicated my life to giving back to the sport and community that I love, and I know we’ve made people smile every time we’ve been on stage together.

I looked back at him and said: “We’re never taking Uber in Egypt again!”

Some would call that a scary moment… I call it magical.

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