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Today on What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I am here with Melissa Shoshahi. Melissa is an award-winning stand-up comedian, actress and writer. She is originally from Seattle, Washington and is the first Iranian-American female comedian to be touring all over the nation. You may have seen her on WhoHaha’s Top Female Comics of 2018, Laughs on Fox, All Def Digital and Nickelodeon. Other projects include her films Austin Found (2017), Facebook Intervention (2013) and American Vampire (2009).


1. When did you know you wanted to get into comedy and how did you pursue it?

I kind of fell into comedy. I didn’t know I was going to pursue it as a career, but more like a fun hobby that I loved to do. As a kid, I would do impersonations of family members, characters I’d create, and throw on shows at gatherings. I didn’t know that was preparing me for my stand-up career ha! I pursued it out of college and just started hitting up open mics and gradually started building my craft.

2. Can you tell us more about your witty personality? Can you describe your comedy style?

I’d say I’m pretty animated on stage, I have a lot of expressions on my face and love to do act-outs, so there’s a ton of energy when you watch me perform. Offstage I’m pretty mellow and quiet.

3. How do you feel about this statement? “Your comedy could inspire others to perform.”

Positive. I hope I can inspire other women and women of middle eastern descent to get into this craft if that is a desire of theirs.

4. How do independent films compare to stand-up comedy?

Film is the craft of acting, stand-up comedy is being yourself on stage, just you and the mic and no one else to work with.

5. Just for fun. Describe how you felt at the following locations in one word. Go!

-WhoHaha’s Top Female Comics – Yay!
-Laughs on Fox – Fun
-All Def Digital – Experience
-Nickelodeon – Exciting

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