Interview with Singer/Songwriter Trevor Knight

Today on What On What’s Good with Jovin Tardif, I am here with Trevor Knight. Trevor is a singer-songwriter based in NYC. He specializes in soulful pop. His goal is to spread joy through passionate ballads and playful jams.

Trevor Knight
Trevor Knight latest single is Sugar

1. When did you first get into music? What instruments do you play?

I first got into music when I was a little kid. My family would get mad at me for singing loudly in my high-pitched pre-pubescent voice all over the house. My mom signed me up for choir and for piano lessons, and both my parents would blast music in their cars at all times. The rest is history. I play piano pretty well, and guitar passably well.

2. Some of your influences include Sam Cooke, Zac Brown, and Ed Sheeran. Tell us your favourite song from each artist and why?

“What a Wonderful World” by Sam Cooke is so simple and sweet. I feel like everyone loves that song. Even the production of that one is great – it sounds like he’s singing in a bar and his vocal just cuts straight through.

I have so many ZBB favourites, listing just one would be a travesty. Some of my top tracks from them include “Castaway,” “Loving You Easy,” “Highway 20 Ride,” and “Colder Weather,” but I could go on all day. The artistry behind the songwriting and the arrangements just gets to me.

It’s hard to argue with “Castle on the Hill” by Ed Sheeran. It’s so boppy and you can just hear the passion in his voice. What a killer song.

3. Any fun stories from your time at Dartmouth College?

Wayyyyy too many to list here. I was a member of the Heavyweight rowing team, a fraternity, and an all-male a cappella group during my time at Dartmouth. Suffice to say that I spent a whole lot of time with rowdy dudes. So many unforgettable days and nights. Hanover is also an idyllic place to go to school, regardless of the season. If you ever get a chance to check out northern New Hampshire, take it.

4. Any interesting stories from open mic nights?

My best open mic story involves the keyboard I was playing. On the last line of the song, the keyboard toppled off the stage with an enormous crash into the first row of seats. I was left sitting there on the piano bench like a totally speechless fool. I played it off with a laugh and the audience felt for me. Yikes.

What can we expect in the future from your brand new singles on the 1st of every month?
I’ve actually partnered with a new distributor for my upcoming releases, which I’m extremely excited about. Hopefully, my audience continues to grow and my music spreads. You can count on me to keep writing and recording new music for the foreseeable future. I couldn’t stop if I tried.

5. Do you have any fun workout suggestions?

If you challenge yourself, and I mean really challenge yourself, and do it consistently for many months, you WILL get in shape. I maintain that there is no single way to be healthy. It’s just time and effort. It’s simpler than most people make it out to be! Just try to work hard and enjoy it.

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